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Simply find your friends you’ve convinced to also play Goat Format or load up DuelingBook and go for it. If you want to know what the top decks are, you can check out the tier list, and you’ll find that most people play either Goat Control or Thunder Dragon Chaos. My personal experience has shown me that Thunder Dragon Chaos is the most popular. However, many other old decks are viable, although they may not be Tier 1 or Tier 0.

I’ve been playing Goat Format for a bit now on DuelingBook, and it really does take you back. The big bummer for me is that 85% of the time you’ll just face the two top tier decks, and unless you also use one of the established top tier decks, you probably won’t do well. My personal experience is that people don’t play around and experiment with a bunch of different kinds of decks, but rather just stick with the top tier meta decks. For the first time, Duelists across the nation will have the chance to team up with their classmates and challenge fellow Duelists from other schools! Designed specifically for students who want to attend and have fun competing at KONAMI premier-level events, students from the same school can register as a team to compete for a variety of prizes. Where When Registration Times Start Time YCS Secaucus, NJ Meadowlands Exposition Center 355 Plaza Drive Secaucus, NJ 07094 07094. Sunday, June 3, 2018 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM 12:00 PM. At least 2 of the 3 Team members must be at least 13 years old and enrolled, in good standing, at the same school.

Team members must provide proof of registration with: A current School Identification Card with their registered name or Proof of enrollment or An official grade card (i.e. report card, transcript) with their name and the school’s name. Teams consist of three (3) Team members, two (2) must be enrolled in the same school; a school must be a physical institution that provides a learning environment for students. There is no ‘age cap’ for the School Tournament Series; any student at least 13 years old and enrolled in good standing in a Jr. High school, High school, college or university is eligible to participate. Registration must be done on-site at the event.В Teams will be required to fill out registration forms and turn in Deck lists. Players must use an uncut KDE Registration Form sheet to register for this event (3 Registration Forms per sheet). The top player is automatically Player A, the middle is Player B, and the bottom is Player C. Player A is considered to be the Team Captain and is the primary point of contact for administrative purposes. The Team Name must be written on the top of the Registration Form. Team Names may not be offensive or disrespectful in any manner. Event Staff reserve the right to request a new team name if they feel the name may be inappropriate. Each Team member will receive 2 Booster Packs and 1 Duelist Pack for their entry fee. School Tournament Series are Tier 1 events, conducted as Advanced Format, Constructed Deck, Swiss Round events. School Tournament Series will play Swiss Rounds, with a Playoff Top Cut, with prizes awarded at the end of the final playoff round. If eight (8) or less Teams participate in the event, prizes are awarded after the final Round of Swiss. Team members will play Single Game Matches, with a team’s Round Results consisting of the combined Match Results for each team member, so if two team members win their Game, then the team wins that Match. Here are the basic rules: Each Team will designate one Team member to be Player A, one to be Player B, and one to be Player C. At the start of the Match, Player A will play against Player A, Player B will play against Player B, and Player C will play against Player C. Team members play as individuals – they do not share cards, Decks, Life Points, etc. Wins and losses are calculated by teams as a whole. The team with the most Game wins gets the win for the Match. The total number of Teams will determine the number of rounds that are played. Number of Teams Number of Swiss Rounds Playoff Top Cut 4 – 8 3 Rounds of Swiss None 9 – 16 4 Rounds of Swiss Top 4 17 – 32 5 Rounds of Swiss Top 8 33 – 64 6 Rounds of Swiss Top 8.

School Tournament Series Team Plaque per team member $1,000 donation to school* 12 Booster Packs per team member Uncut 2 x 4 sheet per team member Yu-Gi-Oh! $500 donation to school* 9 Booster Packs per team member Uncut 2 x 4 sheet per team member Yu-Gi-Oh! $250 donation to school* 6 Booster Packs per team member Uncut 2 x 4 sheet per team member Yu-Gi-Oh! *Receipt of monetary donations are subject to school permission. Will replace the pyrex glass section of the gladius. Replacement Tank Sections for Kayfun 3.1 / Kayfun Lite. Replacement tank sections for Kayfun 3.1/Kayfun Lite available in Green, Blue, Pink, Purple and Yellow. Replacement Tank Sections for Kayfun 3.1 / Kayfun Lite FULL SIZE. Replacement Full size tank section for Kayfun 3.1/Kayfun Lite available in a variety of colours. Sascha Rus Dietrichgasse 16A, Top1 1030 Wien, Austria.

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