how to put out the joint

edit: prices by where im at, didn't list prices for the latter. Cause if your asking your obviously not buying any weight. nickel / 5 sack - .25 / .3 - $5 dime / half gram- .5g - $10 gram / dub / twenty sack - 1.0g - $20 1/8 / eighth oz- 3.5g - $50/$60 1/4 / quarter oz- 7.0g - $100 / $120 1/2 / half oz- 14g ounce - 28g 2 ounces - 56 g etc.

edit: prices by where im at, didn't list prices for the latter. Cause if your asking your obviously not buying any weight. it could mean either depending on quality and where you are. a dime=1g or $10 worth, depending on quality and where you are. twomp or "twenty sack"=2g or $20, worth depending on quality and where you are -------------------------------------------------------------- 1g=$5-$10 (regos) $10-$25 (kine/sensi/kind w/e you want to call it) eighth oz (3.5g)=$15-$30 (reg) $40-$60 (kine) quarter oz (7g)=$35-$50 (reg) $75-$120 (kine) half oz (14g)=$60-$100 (reg) $140-$220 (kine) 1 oz (28.^g)=$100-$180 (reg) $250-$400 (kine) 1/4lbs (4 oz) $250-$400 (reg) $1000-$1400 (kine) LoudBlunts. now, granted in different regions of the world that quantity may be more or less depending on what the market is like and where you are. 2 nickel bags of reefer equal a dime bag of reefer. who doesnt know prices fluctuate from region to region. but to say im wrong because of the prices or whatever.

i know for a fact i can pick a bag of purp or whatever is on the street for 10 bucks and pick up a bag in texas for 10 bucks. i'm not trying to be condisending or diss you but your being silly. the answer to the question he asked was "in your area". but even in a same area the prices can swing drasticly. i mean ya your dealer might be a friend and hook it up a few .1's but the fact remains that it's all based on the number 5, or a "dime" being 10. but of course some getto un-educated dude could just start calling a "blunts worth" a nickel. but you could call my beer bottle a snowball but it dosen't make it right. Мы обнаружили, что в вашей сети доступ к YouTube устанавливается через стороннее незарегистрированное приложение. Использование таких приложений может привести к негативным последствиям, в том числе установке вредоносного ПО, несанкционированному доступу к вашим данным и быстрому расходу заряда батареи. Просим вас пользоваться официальными приложениями YouTube (для Android или для iOS) и YouTube Go. Неподтвержденные приложения следует удалить со своего устройства. Чтобы вернуться на YouTube, введите указанный ниже код подтверждения. This pipe is shaped and molded like a saxophone, complete with rubber mouthpiece and realistic molded keys. While it won't play you any tunes (bummer, I know!) your friends will get a chuckle and you'll look ultra cool while fielding all those "OMG! We classify as a "novelty" item, but don't be mistaken -- it's a fully functional tobacco pipe, and we love how great it works. The pipe is even made out of zinc which keeps it cooler than other materials like aluminum and steel. Our sax pipe also ships with a pack of 5 free metal screens, so you get all the smoke and none of the ash. There's definitely lots of "groovy" vibes going on with this piece. Shaped to look like a miniature saxophone Fun, novelty piece - surely a conversation starter! Made from durable zinc metal, helps keep pipe cool Rubber mouthpiece for added comfort BONUS! Travel Troubleshooter: Smoked Out of My Hotel Room. Matthew Gast's hotel room in Rome is saturated with cigarette smells, even though he's "guaranteed" a nonsmoking room. When he moves to a new room, he loses his socks and underwear. Q: My wife and I checked into the Marriott Grand Flora in Rome on a reward stay. (I'm a Platinum Elite member of Marriott's rewards program, which means I've stayed in its hotels more than 75 nights a year.) One of the benefits is that my room type is guaranteed. My wife and I are both affected by cigarette smoke, and the ability to guarantee non-smoking rooms is welcome. When we checked in, the front desk clerk waxed on about how we had received an upgraded room, but was in retrospect unclear about whether it was a non-smoking room.

The next day, we both felt sick; although there was no obvious smell of smoke, we looked around and finally noticed an ashtray tucked away on a table. Eventually, after speaking with a manager, we were given a different room, but were told that we had to vacate our room as quickly as possible. After discovering the problem, I asked the hotel staff to let us back into our previous room.

This request was refused, and repeated requests to the housekeeping staff to search the old room did not find anything left behind.


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