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The pre-rolled cones come in Blackberry, Blueberry, Grape, and Watermelon. The cones are a bit more expensive than rolling papers, but you benefit from getting the same size for every toking session, which is great. More Options: Rolls, Blunt Wraps & Flavornator Drops.

Juicy Jay’s offers more than just rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. There are also rolls, blunt wraps, and flavoring drops called Flavornator drops. Roll exactly the length you want your smoke to be when you buy Juicy Jay’s 1 1/2 rolls. The hemp rolls come in a range of Juicy Jay flavors, from Jamaican Rum to Banana or Blueberry. Juicy Jay’s also carries few unflavored rolls, such as the Unflavored Blue Roll that is 7 meters long and 53mm wide. While Juicy Jay’s specializes in flavored papers, it’s nice that they also have unflavored options; the combination means they appeal to a wider spectrum of smokers. Juicy Jay’s blunt wraps burst with flavor, thanks to the triple-dip system. Every blunt is individually wrapped so that it stays fresh until you add in the marijuana.

When you want a thicker and richer smoking experience, consider buying one of these herbal blend blunt wraps. Juicy wraps come in a huge array of juicy flavors, including Mango, Grapes, Strawberry, Blueberry, Tropical Passion, and Natural Pure Hemp. As always, there is also a flavored hemp wraps sampler kit. ** Discontinued ** Also known as Juicy Drops, Flavornator Drops are designed to enhance the flavor of your weed. Juicy drops are made of food-grade ingredients and come in almost 20 flavors, including Mango, Creamsicle, Blue Raspberry, Cinnamon Sugar, Apple Rasperry, Chocolate, and Coconut. There is no mistaking what flavor you are buying when you pick Juicy Jay’s papers, as the colorful packaging clearly displays the taste inside it. The same type of packaging applies to the papers, rolls, pre-rolled cones, drops, and blunt wraps. On the positive side, it’s appealing, and you won’t wind up buying or reaching for a different product than you expected. However, there is no such thing as discreet when you choose this brand because it’s so loud and boldly-designed. The packaging contains a lot of information for the smoker who takes the time to read it. Inside each of the packages are interesting facts about the brand, and the triple-dip method is quoted on the back of each package. As for price, Juicy Jay’s papers cost a little more than the average rolling paper because of the addition of the flavor. Juicy Jay’s is widely recognized for its high quality and amazing selection of flavors for rolling papers and its other options (rolls, drops, cones, and wraps) that appeal to a wide range of people. While many people may assume they only carry classic fruits, they’d be surprised to discover that Juicy Jay’s also offers unusual flavors in addition to the highly sought-after fruit flavors like raspberry and grape. There are even menthol papers and unflavored rolls. Most of the papers are sweet and aromatic without being over-the-top. Juicy Jay’s skins deliver on their promise to provide triple the taste of other flavored rolling papers available in 2020. Juicy Jay’s papers are thick, which makes them easy to roll. As the papers are natural, they create a more mellow smoke than the ones filled with chemicals and bleach. In the end, you get a paper that burns slowly and smoothly. As for the flavors themselves, they’ve got a wide enough range to appeal to all individual preferences. Someone who doesn’t enjoy chocolate may find their mentholated papers refreshing. Another person might like Blueberry but not Green Apple, for example; it all depends on each person’s unique palate.

When smoking cannabis wrapped in a Juicy Jay’s paper, you’ll notice that most of them leave a sweet taste on the lips. They have great flavor, so the word “Juicy” in the name is not disappointing; yes, the brand really does deliver yummy taste that’s become beloved by RYO fans. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Products @ Most weed connoisseurs find that Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling papers can be fun to smoke occasionally as a change from regular skins. Juicy Jay’s offers high-quality papers, rolls, drops, cones, and wraps in many flavors and sizes, giving you many options. Indeed, your biggest decision may be which flavor to buy. It’s recommended to try different flavors until you find the ones you like best. A flavored sampler pack is a great way to start if you can’t make your mind. Ceramic Chamber Coil-free Chamber Loading Dart Plated Brass Exterior Sesh Mode Ultra Fast Heat Time.

The Puffco Plus is a portable vape pen that acts just like a ceramic nail for those who like big hits without any of the inconveniences. Puffco have a reputation for advancing vape technology to remove any obstructions or contaminants that might affect vapor quality and the Plus is no exception. While they initially removed glues, fibers, and plastics from their devices the Pro takes this one step further by featuring a coil-free ceramic chamber. This change ensures more even heating and more importantly an exceptional taste. The design is kept to an absolute bare minimum too, being composed of just three parts: a mouthpiece, chamber, and battery.


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