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But this comes at a price- higher maintenance compared to other vapes. All the parts are easy to clean, but there are a lot more of them than in other vapes, so cleaning takes a little longer. Empty your oven immediately after a session – Leaving cashed herb in the oven after a session will cause it to stick, and it will be harder to remove. Empty your oven after every session as soon as the herb is cashed. Use a good grinder – Properly ground herb means more surface area, which means and more efficient and even extraction of ingredients from the herb.

My favorite grinder for vaping is the SLX grinder (Review | Buy). It has a Ceramic coating, so nothing sticks to it, and it grinds the herbs to the perfect vaping consistency. Find the perfect inhale – Use the Air dial to adjust the airflow to a comfortable draw resistance. You should take deep, slow inhales and give the oven a few seconds between inhales to regulate the temperature. Here are a few tips to getting more vapor from your weed vape. The original IQ produced some of the best, most dense vapor I ever experienced, and the IQ2 is no different. After playing around with the Air Dial, I started loving the idea, and I wonder how come no one did that earlier. We often see adjustable airflow in liquid vaporizers, but Davinci incorporated that into this new vape.

I think that this is only a dry herb vape that features adjustable airflow. The IQ2 produced clean, flavorful vapor, and preserved the delicate flavors of the terpenes. As mentioned earlier, the IQ2 uses a glass and zirconia airpath, free of plastic, metal, and electronic components. I experienced the best vapor at around 390F at precision mode or the second and third smart paths. For heavy hitters- the IQ2 can heat up to 430F, which is higher than even the Mighty’s 410F. The higher temperature can be used for Extracts, but I do not recommend going over 420F with dry herbs. The vapor was surprisingly thick, especially for a conduction vaporizer. The not-so-secret secret is the zirconia pearl in the oven that helps to regulate the temperature and provide a nice even vape to the herbs. The long airpath helps to cool down the vapor, particularly with the extended mouthpiece. The IQ2 lasted around 6-8 sessions before it needed a recharge. That’s not bad, and there are no complaints there, but it takes 3-6 hours to charge. For example, the new Crafty+ has a 6 -7 bowls runtime but takes an hour and a half to charge (vs. Davinci’s 6 hours in the device or 3 hours with an external charger). The IQ2 is an impressive vape overall, and there is no doubt that a lot of thought and engineering went into making it. With that said, here are a few things that I think could have better- Replaceable battery – I know some users like to have a replaceable battery, which means that they can charge a bunch of batteries and stayed powered for long periods even when unplugged from the grid. But this is a problem that is easily solved with a power bank or an external battery that can recharge the device while on the go. So I would have preferred to save the space of the latch mechanism and simplify things by having a permanent internal battery that hopefully charges faster. Mouthpiece – Generally, I prefer extended mouthpieces over flat. With flat mouthpieces, you need to place your lips directly on the device. The device can get hot during extended sessions and feels uncomfortable on the lips. I think a permanent “short” extended mouthpiece would have been better for 90% of people. The extended mouthpiece that is included is excellent but maybe just a bit too tall to allow convenient carry. Using a permanent, short mouthpiece would have saved the mechanism that allows to swap the mouthpieces and make space for a larger battery or other components. With IQ2 they fake advertised… With IQ2 they fake advertised silicon/rubber free vape path=bull*hit, still siliconce ring at the bottom of "flavour chamber".

I would strongly recommend you to stay off this brand. times (when it failed 6th time I just didn't bother to go through +month long process. So started warranty process again and was proposed unit replacement. you can be promised 100y warranty, but if davinci support starts to ignore you, you are done. And after some time it has strong rubber like vapo taste.

IQ1/IQ2 Owen cracked and keeps cracking and cracking. Davinci IQ2 is just hype feeded by positive reviews if those who got free unit. After 2 days the hinges sheared and the door fell off despite the fact that it was never handled roughly. The battery lasts just 15 minutes, not what they claim.


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