how to make a wooden pipe for weed

How to make a weed pipe with wood in less than 10 minutes

If you have ever seen some of the breathtaking, hand-carved wooden pipes and wondered what it would be like to use one, then now is your chance. Though it won’t have the craftsmanship and manhours that a store-bought version will, this homemade wooden pipe is an excellent way to get a feel of the experience before making an investment, and a really fun DIY project that is perfect for keeping entertained on a cold or rainy day.

The problem with this kind of weed pipe is that it takes some special care in selecting the appropriate piece of wood, and to clean and upkeep such a porous material. Here you will find the best types of wood for smoking pipes, the kinds to stay away from, how to make one, and how to clean a wooden pipe in case you want to use your masterpiece on more than one occasion.

The best types of wood for a weed pipe

  • Briar
  • Oak
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Olive
  • Mesquite
  • Bogwood
  • Pear
  • Rosewood

Kinds of wood to avoid

High density woods like those that are listed above are ideal, but since heat and smoke will always take the path of least resistance, any type of wood will work in a punch, as none should catch fire from regular use. The biggest thing to watch out for is essential when using scrap pieces of wood, as anything pressured or chemical treated can and will make you sick, so be sure that your materials are pure and toxin-free.

How to make a wooden pipe for cannabis

  • Drill
  • Screen
  • Sandpaper
  • Carving knife (optional)
  • 1 fine drill bit
  • 1 larger flat-edged drill bit
  • 1 wood piece (at least one inch by three inches for the best results)

Carve the wood chunk into a shape that fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, leaving enough material to drill through without concern for breaking. If you don’t trust your carving skills or would prefer to skip this step, you can always use a regular block of wood as a pipe, it just isn’t going to have the same grip and feel.

Take sandpaper to all the edges of the wood to avoid slivers and provide a smooth and aesthetically appealing surface.

Use a narrow drill bit that is long enough to reach 2/4 of the way down your wood piece, and tunnel into the material slowly and carefully, until you are satisfied with its depth and width.

Use a flat-tipped drill bit or Dremel to create a bowl hole that aligns with the first tunnel that you’ve created. Once you break through the final layer of wood and both holes are connected, blow through the device to remove any loose bits.

Next, check the draw on your wooden pipe by sucking through the mouthpiece. If there is too much hesitation, and it is difficult to breathe through, then widen the original middle chamber before continuing.

Now you can install the screen on your brand-new weed pipe, and it is ready for use.

How to clean a wooden pipe

  • Pipe cleaner with bristles
  • Alcohol
  • Damp cloth

Run the pipe cleaner through the wooden mouthpiece until dry to dislodge any stuck or hardened pieces of ash.

Next, dip the pipe cleaner into alcohol, and force it through the mouthpiece again, pulling it back and forth several times to brush the insides of the weed pipe.

Blow through the pipe to force anything that remains towards the bowl hole.

Rinse the pipe cleaner, dip it once more in alcohol, and scrub the sides and floor of the bowl, taking care to avoid getting alcohol on the outside of the device.

When you are finished, wipe out the bowl with a damp cloth, and set the weed pipe on a paper towel to dry for at least 24 hours. That will give it enough time to allow the alcohol to completely evaporate before you use it.

How to make a Starburst weed pipe

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, along comes the Starburst weed pipe, a delicious addition to any DIY project collection.

If you have ever seen some of the breathtaking, hand-carved wooden pipes and wondered what it would be like to use one, then now is your chance.

How to Make a Weed Pipe in 6 Ways

Pipes have been a part of the cannabis culture for almost as long as there is one.

In the modern era of cannabis, pipes are perhaps one of the most common ways of smoking weed.

This guide will teach you how to make a pipe in 10 different methods and from various materials – such as plastic, wood, fruit, and more.

In general, there are 2 types of pipes, depending on the materials the pipe is made of:

  • Reusable pipes
  • One-and-done pipes which are not to be reused

It would be a smart idea to always keep a couple of clean metal pipe bowls around the house which you can get at almost every weed supply store. If you don’t know what those are you can see examples on the image below.

These will come in handy a lot of times when you want to make a makeshift pipe and they help you turn almost anything into a pipe with just a little effort.

#1 Bamboo Pipe

If you can find a thin piece of bamboo (about 2 inches wide) cut it up so that one end is plugged by the sort-of wood membrane bamboo has, and the other end cleanly cut off — as this will be the mouthpiece.

Drill or cut a ½ inch (1.5 cm) hole on the opposite end and use the remaining pieces of the bamboo stick to carve a small bowl for your pipe which you will then fit in the hole you just made.

You should use an even thinner piece of bamboo, preferably one with the wood membrane on the thin end of the stick which will serve as protection against ashe going in your mouth.

All you need to make is a very tiny hole on that membrane and try not to break it completely. If it does break it will still do a fine job at protecting against ashe as long as there are tiny pieces of the membrane left.

#2 The Toilet Bowl

Take a used toilet paper roll and make 2 or 3 holes on one end of it, and cover that end with a thick cloth and a rubber band over it. The holes you just made will be the place where you will insert your joints or blunts.

The opposite end will be your mouthpiece, which is a bit wider than usual, but think about it as a sort of a homemade steam roller. You can press the cloth end while taking a drag for an enhanced and bigger hit.

#3 Pringles Pipe

This is pretty much the same deal as The Toilet Bowl, except for the cloth part, as you don’t have to plug on end. All you have to do is drill a couple holes for your joints to stick ‘em in and pull.

The other way to do this is by making an inch wide hole on the bottom part of the Pringles box and put some aluminum foil in the hole and stick the end of the aluminum outside the hole with some tape, most commonly used is the gray duct tape.

It’s important that you do this right and don’t be afraid to use a bit more foil. If you don’t do this part right the tape might melt and then your pipe might get ruined.

#4 Fruit and Veggie Pipes

Alright so this basically boils down to the same thing with most of the smokable fruits and vegetables – take a pencil shove it all the way through the long part of the fruit.

This will act as the main tube for the smoke to come in.

Then, make another 2 holes that are perpendicular to the tube, and connect them so that smoke may go through. Congrats you just made the bowl and an air vent.

Make a little indent on the place where the bowl is and widen it a bit and start packing that sticky icky. Using a store-bought metal bowl can be a great way to enhance these pipes and make them easier to smoke from.

This method works, as I previously said, on a number of fruits and vegetables such as avocados, pears, melons, watermelons, giant strawberries (yes, we saw and tried them – dope.), bananas, cucumbers, leeks and lots of others.

Apples have been most commonly turned into pipes. As you can see from the image below, you’ll need a pencil to push it through the apple through the middle (sideways) and make a tube, and make another hole where the stem is to connect it with the tube. The hole where the stem was will be your bowl area in which you should pack weed.

#5 Baguette pipe

Are you a baguette fan? Baguettes are a common item across France, some parts of Canada and almost every bakery and pastry shop.

Grab a pencil or a chopstick if you have and drill a hole from one of the pointy ends of the baguette. At the end of that tube drill another smaller hole for your joint or a metal bowl.

Stick a joint in that hole and puff on your baguette like a French gangsta. Heads up – it might taste a bit toasty.

#6 Soda can

Soda cans are even easier to turn into a pipe than a plastic water bottle. Push the can on two sides near the bottom in so you make a little indentation, and then pierce the indented part with a needle or pen so you make a little grill. The grill will hold you weed in place and not let any ashe or weed fly into your mouth while hitting it. Make a hole above it for a little ventilation and easier hitting and you should be ready to light it up!

Help us make more pipes

Do you know any great ways of making a pipe from ordinary items such as a pen or a soda can?

Do you think we missed some great ideas for a makeshift pipe?

Feel free to let us know down in the comment section and we will be happy to write a second part of this article.

Pipes are an important staple in the cannabis culture and one of the favorite DIY stoner projects. We teach you how to make 6 unique pipes.