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2 Stainless Steel Pollen Screens, each with different micron count for ultimate pollen control. Thin polly ring around top grinding section, for smooth grinding and no friction. COMES WITH PROTECTIVE CARRY POUCH + POLLEN SCRAPER. Sexy Darlene from teaches us how to.

I had it for a little over a month, the double kief collector are perfect. Sadly I lost mine about I'm about to buy another really soon. Always bought SHARPSTONE PRODUCTS their machining precision is perfect on every item that I have bought from them. The 5 piece grinder is something that I have tried to buy for 2years now online it was always sold out and I was finally able to buy it online last week! For the money, this is clearly the best grinder on the market. You don't see many 5 stages these days; and before you get that Santa Cruz Shredder consider this alternative. Super smooth, sharp as hell teeth, and high quality machined perfection. Posted by C-Zizzle Master of the Leaf on 24th Aug 2015. This Grinder was a calculated purchase, meaning I looked at a lot of grinders.

I will only buy the best of something for a reason. This Grinder offered the best deal I have ever seen for the quality of product. The razor sharp blades have not dulled with over one year of use. As for the Rare Neodymium Earth magnet, it’s a miracle all in its own. Whenever the 5 piece grinder does inevitably hit the ground. I compare my buddy’s grinders to my Grinder by doing the top test. If I can fill a Grinder up and pick it up by the top without it falling, then it is on par. The only one that I have seen pass, was my friend with a Sharp stone 4 piece. The dual filtration on the kief is very impressive. The second screen does especial well when working with more fibrous plant matter as it filters everything that gets past the first screen. had to gift my first one away in a "non-friendly" state, but they stay sharp forever! i like this grinder glad i ordered it super sharp cuts thru herb easily and the two different screens is nice to. I've only had it a couple of days, but so far it has worked incredibly well. I have put it through rigorous "testing" and it grinds herbs very, very finely. Wish for the price it was a little bigger but other then that no complaints. How to Smoke Out of a Lemon, Orange, Carrot, Mango, Cucumber. When life gives you lemons, turn them into smoking pipes. Fortunately you can do the same with more than just lemons. We all probably have smoked out of an apple at some point or at least seen it in action but why smoke out of an apple when there is a whole rainbow of fruits and vegetables to smoke out of? Using various fruits and vegetables to smoke out of is fun not only because they work, but also because making these pieces is a joy in its self. You can feel a sense of accomplishment after smoking out of a piece you created from simple fruits and vegetables. Although there are dozens of fruits and vegetables you can smoke out of, in this post we have selected our favorites.

Here you can learn how to smoke out of a carrot, cucumber, lemon, mango or an orange. In addition you can find demonstrations from various “professionals” of the internet who have successfully created these pipes and are willing to share how (all for kicks and gigs). A lemon too small could be a hassle to cut and a pain to smoke out of Drill or push a stick through the top of the lemon until it reaches the midsection of the fruit. Use your best judgement to determine where that point is. Drill or push a stick through the side of the fruit (this is where your will be smoking from). The point is to make sure that the first drilled out channel connects with the second drilled out channel on the side. If you wish you may push a hollowed out piece of a pen into this hole as a mouth piece. Cut around the top hole of the lemon to the diameter in which you wish to have for packing herb.

TIP: For best effect, after you carve up your lemon pipe, let it sit for an hour or two. Lemons are quite juicy which can prevent you smoking without getting your weed wet with juice.


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