how to clean volcano vaporizer

Volcano Classic Vaporizer Cleaning Video

This will be a complete guide on how to clean your Volcano vaporizer. You will need a couple dishes for soapy water and ISO. I recommend 91% ISO. You will also need some paper towels, some sort of pick tool and about 10-15 minutes.

How to Clean the Volcano Vaporizer:

It’s really not to hard to clean the Volcano and you very rarely actually have to clean the Volcano. Overall the Easy Valve is the easier valve system to deal with in my opinion. It’s a lot easier to just throw out a bag and grab a new one. The Solid Valve is a great system as well because it allows you to customize your balloon sizes but overall it takes more time to clean.

Watch the video above for a complete step by step tutorial on cleaning your volcano vaporizer and leave a comment below with any questions!

Hey guys Buzz here from Today we’re going to be going over how to clean the volcano vaporizer. Some of the things you’re going to need is a sharp metal object like this, this is a dentist pick. You can also get a flat head screwdriver, that works well too. You will also need a jar, something with a lid, the alcohol is going to go in here so you’re going to be shaking it up. A mason jar also works really well for this. You’re also going to want a cup or a dish of soapy water and the highest percentage isopropyl alcohol you can find.

Ok so the first thing we’re going to start with is the filling chamber. We’re going to remove the filling chamber insert and set that to the side for now. The next piece is this yellow o-ring, set that to the side. And then also this blue o-ring on the bottom. Now be careful when taking this out, you want to be really gentle with it and set that to the side as well. Now I’ve had my Volcano for about four years and about two years in due to the neglect of cleaning, this silver piece on the inside is actually stuck to the plastic. So normally what you would do, is this silver piece will screw out. you’ll put the silver in the alcohol and the plastic will go in the soapy water. But for now I’m just going to put this in the soapy water.Second we’re going to take apart this mouthpiece. The top will pop off there, and the silver will pop out. Now the silver will go into the alcohol and the plastic will go into the soap.

Next I’m going to take off the bag. Ok we’re going to use a paper towel for this part. First you’re going to push in and on the opposite side, it releases it up, unscrew the top piece. We’re going to set this off to the side and this blue o-ring comes off as well and this is the only o-ring that you will need to put in the soapy water because it gets pretty filthy. This back end comes off here, both of these are going to go in the alcohol and then what we’re going to use the paper towel for is just for a little bit of alcohol on here to clean this ring here. This lip. And then you’re going to set this in the soap as well.

Alright the next thing we’re going to do is clean this right here. Now I’m going to use my dentist pick and try and go all the way around, try and get as much off and keep it on the pick as possible. I recommend saving this and I’m going to show you something cool that you can do with it later on in the video.Ok so here’s what I got off the pick from the last part. The next thing we’re going to do is take apart the filling chamber insert. Now if you notice, there is a nut right on top there. You’re just going to squeeze it and turn, and its already off, there we go and this is going to go into the alcohol. Now be careful when you take this screen off because there is a very tiny washer on the other side. This is also going to go in the alcohol. Ok and that’s going to go in the alcohol as well. Now this will come off. We’re going to clean this. Ok and then this is going to go in the alcohol. Same with this bottom piece we’re going to clean this as well. Try and get some of this off. This goes in the alcohol along with this here as well. So I’m just trying to get as much of this off on the paper as I can. It’s pretty sticky. Move this off to the side here.

The next part we’re going to fill this with alcohol. I recommend filling it to the highest part so you can get all the pieces submerged in there. Actually, let me take this cap off. Might have been a little bit too high there but that’ll work. Now the other thing that I like to do too is throw a little bit of salt in here. It helps break up some of the gunk that’s left on the pieces in there. That should do it, you don’t need to put that much in there. Now I’ll let it sit for a couple minutes and then I’ll shake it up for a couple minutes. What we’re going to do now is take these pieces and rinse them out with some more soap and water and then we’re going to come back and show you the next step.

Alright I’m back, everything is rinsed off and dried. We’re going to go ahead and start with this piece, putting everything back together. Ok next we’re going to put together the filling chamber insert. Then this will go back in the filling chamber. The blue o-ring goes in the bottom and the yellow on the outside. Now the mouthpiece and lastly we can attach the bag. Ok well now we’ve taken apart, cleaned the volcano and put it back together. And now I’ll show you what we can do with this. So I think I found the best way to use this. I like to throw it in my favorite pen vape which right now is the atmos raw junior. Just grab a little bit here, throw it in the chamber. Now this works perfect for me, I’d love to hear if you guys have been doing this or if anything else works for you. If you guys have any other suggestions, feel free to let me know.

A complete video guide on how to clean your Volcano Vaporizer. Includes step by step instructions, maintenance tips, and more.

Volcano Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Cleaning the Volcano is easier than you might think, and our maintenance guide will have it working like brand new.

Storz & Bickel’s Volcano vaporizer doesn’t just produce amazing vapor, it’s also easy to fire up, and simple to clean. The base station barely needs any maintenance, and the filling chamber up top is easy to take apart and soak. Our cleaning guide will walk you through the cleaning and maintenance process, step by step, and leave you with a squeaky clean Volcano.

What do you need?

To clean the Volcano, you’ll need 91 percent or higher isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs, soap, warm water, two glass jars, and the included brush.

How often should you clean?

Cleaning should be performed based on your personal standards, but there are a few telltale signs it might be time for a cleaning. You might notice that even a fresh vape bag doesn’t taste as clean as you might like, or it doesn’t feel as efficient as it normally does. If there’s still an herbal smell to the filling chamber or Volcano when it’s empty and turned off, it’s probably about time to bust out the cleaning tools.

The base station

You should avoid using any sort of liquid cleaners on the Volcano’s base, and instead wipe it down with a soft cloth to remove any smudges. Check the air filter, found under a small grate on the bottom, after about a month of daily use, and replace it if it starts to look dirty, or you notice airflow issues. It’s also worth flipping the base station over every once in a while to shake out any bits of herb that have fallen down inside.

The filling chamber

The filling chamber is the only piece that should require any amount of deep cleaning. Start by twisting it apart, so you’re left with the filling chamber and cap housing. Push the end of the brush down into the cap housing to pop out the screen. Remove the silicone o-ring from the cap cylinder and set them aside. Push the metal cap cylinder down through the cap housing. Push the screen up and out of the filling chamber’s bottom half. Push the filling chamber cylinder up and out the same way. Now the clips should fall out, leaving you with the clips (Volcano Classic only), a screen, and two parts that make up the filling chamber bottom.

Soaking or washing

Set aside the silicone rings and any plastic parts, and soak them in warm, soapy water. The remaining pieces of the filling chamber can go straight into the isopropyl alcohol for up to 30 minutes. Afterwards, make sure to rinse them well in warm water, and let them dry before use.

Disposable valves

The regular Easy Valves were designed to be thrown away entirely, bag and all. Storz & Bickel recommends throwing them out after about two weeks of daily use, but you can judge based on color and odor. If it starts to smell off, or sticks to itself on the inside a lot, throw it out.

The Easy Valve with Adapter, on the other hand, is designed to be cleaned and reused. Pop the black ring off over the bag, then throw out the bag itself. Clean the orange and black plastic pieces with hot, soapy water. Cut some of the official Volcano bags, or a plastic turkey bag, to your desired length, and seal off one end with a twist tie, or the strips of plastic in the Volcano bag box.


First, insert the filling chamber cylinder back into the housing, then flip it over and insert the metal clips into the empty space next to the plastic pillars (Volcano Classic only) , with the bent end into the plastic, and the flat lip sitting on the outside edge. Reset the screen by pressing firmly around the edges, then put the screen back inside, followed by the cap cylinder. Make sure the screens are fully seated to avoid any extra bits in your bags.

If you’re looking for something to keep all of your Volcano bits and pieces together, the Vape Case has room for everything, and protects the unit when you take it with you.

Cleaning the Volcano vaporizer is easier than you might think, and our maintenance guide will have it working like brand new. ]]>