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Portable dab pens are much smaller than dab rigs and will not produce as large of clouds, meaning they won’t smell as strong as dabbing from a rig. Still, many people think weed pens are odorless or completely discreet which is not true. One puff off of a dab pen is probably not going to stink up a room, but the odor will linger for a few minutes.

Whether your neighbors aren’t very 420-friendly or you’ve got other reasons to keep your dabbing out of sight and smell, there are a few ways to reduce the smell of dabbing. If you wanted to discreetly smoke a joint inside a shared space without anyone noticing, you’d have a lot of work to do. Opening the window would be a start, but it wouldn’t come close to eradicating the smell. Opening a window will go a lot further if you’re dabbing. You just need to get some airflow to help the smell dissipate quickly. Blow the vapor out the window if you’re really worried about the smell lingering.

If you’re trying to be considerate while dabbing away in your bedroom, lighting an aromatic candle or some incense is a good way to go. Dabbing produces vapor which will dissipate fairly quickly, but a candle or incense will produce light and good-smelling smoke. This may help cover up some of the lingering dab smell and is especially useful if you have someone around who just doesn’t care for the smell of weed. If you’re serious about covering the dab smell, making a homemade sploof may put your mind at ease. If you already have a window open and some candles burning, the smell will probably disappear shortly on its own without needing to do anything. But if you’re determined to do everything you can to not smell like you’re dabbing, go ahead and make a sploof. Sploofs are devices primarily made up of toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets to cover the smell of weed. Just crumple up some dryer sheets and place them inside of an empty toilet paper roll. When you take a dab, you can blow the vapor through the toilet paper roll. This will result in a fragrant poof of air that smells like fresh laundry. If you’re in a situation where you really shouldn’t be using weed inside, dabbing may or may not be a risky choice. The vapor smell tends to dissipate much quicker than that of marijuana smoke, but it can still linger. There are things you can do to reduce the smell of dabbing, like utilizing ventilation, other smells, or even devices like a sploof. Whether or not you’ll need to go to these lengths to cover up a relatively faint smell will depend on your situation. Dab pens tend to produce less vapor than dab rigs, so you may have better luck being discreet with a dab pen. Still, dab pens do produce a distinguishable smell. Overall, the smell produced by dabbing doesn’t come close to the smell of smoking weed. The smell of smoke can linger for a much longer time and is harder to cover up than the smell of dabs. Get ready for one of the smallest, longest lasting vape pens on the market. Say goodbye to magnetic connectors and proprietary cartridges that limit your choices. Say hello to the O2VAPE Nano and upgrade to larger battery capacity, variable voltage functionality and the highest quality ceramic cell cartridge available. Somehow we fit all these premium features into the amazingly small footprint that literally fits in the palm of your hands! The Nano features: Large 650 mah capacity Variable Voltage for wide cartridge usage 510 Thread for ultimate compatibility Accomodates large diameter cartridges Auto off feature (unit will automatically turn off after 10 mins of inactivity) The smallest footprint of any comparable battery on the market Lifetime Warranty. 650 mah mini vape pen battery (2.12″ x 1.34″ x .67″) USB Charging Cable Award winning ceramic cell cartridge (.5ml) Award winning battery. Click 5 times to turn on / off Press and hold to activate Click three times to change voltage ( 3.4 green, 3.7 yellow, 4.0 red ) When charging LED is red and goes to blue when fully charged. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIFT THE CONNECTION PLATE IT IS SPRING LOADED Please turn off before putting in pocket or purse to avoid accidental vaping. 1 Mini Vape Pen, 2 Mini Vape Pens, 5 Mini Vape Pens. 21 reviews for The Nano | Variable Mini Vape Pen 650 Mah.

It stores and displays your carts in the upright position and does it with style. The variable voltage makes a big difference and each setting provides a different level of cloud and hit, which I imagine helps with oils of different viscosity. I find the lowest setting provides nice hits and conserves oil slightly but the middle setting is just perfect for me. The last setting is great also if you feel like tearing your head off. Be aware that I don’t know if the picture does justice to how small this thing truly is, I’m worried i may lose it.

It’s probably about 2/3rds the size of a lighter (adding in the tip of the cartridge).For people wanting discretion about their sessions this is perfect. When I’m hitting it, it looks like I’m picking some food from my l teeth or wiping my lips, if i want it to.


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