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A good friend left me a jar, and I froze the contents in a silicone container and the condom I had prepared for use. Since the job really wasn’t a fit I didn’t have to use it, but I’m keeping it until I can get him to do me another round and freeze immediately (this was in a hot car for an hour) just for peace of mind. When you can text someone you see once a year (but have been friends with for 20 years) and ask them to leave you clean urine in the parking lot of their company so you can pass, you know you have a good friend and a generous soulmate for life.

I literally had 36 hours to obtain clean urine, and since almost everyone I know takes medications or smokes, I was stuck. I finally asked a couple of family members, but they thought I was kidding and didn’t respond until that morning of the interview. The fact that none of the family members believed me (I have a well-paying job that I have begun to hate but have not told anyone I am leaving)the fact that they thought it was hysterical shows the change in attitudes. Because I’m such a rather straight-laced nerdy conservative type, kind a like Chris Pratt, they’re still shocked I’m a midnight toker.. Storing them in condoms in the freezer (and then putting it in side a second condom during defrost) seems to be the most efficient method according to some stuff I read last night. Lol it won’t take a year to get clean no matter how much you smoke hun. Do some research on the matter 😉 it is simple biology. I’m 68 years old and drink wine (maybe 2-3 glasses per night). I also have severe lower back pain and my doctor says I have a choice – test for “NO alcohol” or my pain pills.

🙂 So…..I got clean (4 days worth and it was PAINFUL) and dropped today at my doctors office. I also bought 4 energy bottles as mentioned earlier and peed when I got home and stored in the clean bottles. This may be too much information but I need to make sure I got this right. I put the bottles in the freezer and marked them – I have 4. The day before my doctors appointment I’ll take out 1 bottle and thaw gently. you might be able to get away with it just by doing a quick detox before the tests… But, to answer your question. thaw it, shake the heck out of it, until its all mixed back up. Remember most ppl that fail subbing is due to sample temps! But, since I been in this business, I have actually heard from others that have failed after 9 months or more clean. You will be good, just make sure its warm when you give your sample. I’ve started out using urine that wasn’t frozen,but like yu say yu only got a couple of hours then it breaks down. First I get the clean urine and put it ina 4to6 oz eye drop bottle it’s very thin. I then take it under warm water and check the temp with a digital thermometer. Once it’s 100 degrees I put it in my briefs and it stays body temp if I have any doubts about the temp I piss on the thermometer sticker on the outside of the test cup and bingo gottem again. I used piss that wasn’t frozen plenty of times get the clean piss run it under the warm faucet check it with a digital thermometer once 100 degrees place in ur briefs it will stay body temp if any doubts piss on the temp stick on the outside of test cup. I use my FoodSaver vacuum sealer machine with plastic freezer bags. I use scissors and cut the bags down to Long strips and seal the edges and seal the top. I saw them in my undies as needed and they’re nice and warm. I’m a veteran and I am tested every month by the VA. I just take out of my freezer some urine I froze when I was clean in food mason jars and dethaw in in warm water. I didn’t read all the way through as it would take me quite awhile. To answer the question of the METHADONE PEE being frozen. It will not having any effects on the methadone if frozen. It does not really depend on the size of the bottle.

But I’m not talking 8oz or water bottle size… that is just a waste of good pee. I use old prescription bottles which hold more that enough for a UA. That good pee is precious, (especially if you are getting it from someone else who has to have methadone but nothing else in it. Hard to come by) So anyway, just take the pee out of the freezer about 12 hrs before you’re going to need it and put it in the fridge (I take mine out when I go to bed and it’s ready when I wake up). Fill a glass of water and put it in the microwave for about 1 min then put the container of pee in the hot water. Then go about your morning business or whatever you do. The pee should be totally melted in about 5 or so min. (Don’t microwave your pee) I really do think it’s best to put it in the smallest possible container though.

If you need to, take the pee out of the water, reheat the water (not too hot) and put the pee back in. You shouldn’t have to do it twice, unless you’re using a large container, which you really shouldn’t be. **I go to a methadone clinic and have to be ready to pee observed, and I’m not talking cameras (plus I am female so that makes it a bit more “complicated”) plus I have to be ready to pee EVERY SINGLE DAY. In the beginning i was SO stressed, but once I got a routine and technique down it’s just a part of my routine. If any females out there would like to know how I do my observed (someone hovering in the bathroom with me) UA’s, I would be happy to share.


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