how to ask a dealer for weed

How To Deal With Your Weed Dealer

First Contact

Your friend was kind enough to share his contact with you. This is a gift—a precious, precious gift, especially if it’s delivery. Don’t screw this up and destroy his or her good faith. The first time you contact your new dealer is a magical (and risky) moment. Here are a few things you should always keep in mind.

**1) “What is your dealer’s preferred mode of communication?” **

It’s a simple question that you should ask before making any moves. Text? Voice message? Facetime? Snapchat? Smoke signals?

**2) ****Who you got your contact from. **

Regardless of your method state who referred you off the bat.

3)** Dealers are people too. **

So be polite. Say your pleases and thank yous. Your mother was on-point with that one. Oh, and don’t _weigh _the weed in front of your guy while he’s there. That’s just rude. If it looks sketchy, just send your dealer on his merry way.

Your relationship with your dealer is one worth nurturing: He’s the last guy you want to piss off, and yet you don’t exactly want to be friends. Finding the right balance between good times and business can ensure a bright, hazy future for you and your friends. So here’s a handy guide for how to appropriately communicate with your dealer. Happy 4/20! ]]>