how often should you clean your bong

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong

Need To Clean Your Bong? How Often Should You Do It? Stoners like to get high a lot and this

Need To Clean Your Bong? How Often Should You Do It?

Stoners like to get high a lot and this can lead to a dirty bong. So how often should you clean your bong?

Smoking from a dirty bong is not a great experience. To get a good high, you need to ensure that all your kit is clean and in good shape. You don’t want to draw harsh or smelly drags from your bong.

A dirty bong boils down to laziness and a lack of knowledge; not keeping up to date on the latest products to keep your bong clean, and not getting on with the job.

So, what is the ideal cleaning schedule for how often to clean your bong?

How Often To Clean Your Bong For Heavy Smokers.

If you have a heavy smoking habit, then you are looking at a clean every day or two maximum. Giving your bong new, freshwater at this frequency will give you a much tastier smoke. It may only be water, but keeping it fresh will reduce the risk of bacteria and microbes.

You want to avoid a bio film developing on the surface of your bong and if one does appear you should get rid of it immediately. It is difficult to be certain if anything unpleasant is growing inside your bong if it is dirty. Even more so from someone else’s bong, so steer clear of anyone passing around a filthy bong.

Even with good intentions of keeping it clean, exposure to water can provide a breeding ground for bacteria. So, make sure you let your bong dry out after cleaning.

How Often To Clean Your Bong For Casual Smokers

If you smoke once in a while and don’t plan too far in advance, it’s best to clean on a per use basis. Not immediately after you use it; you need to wait until your high has subsided. But, as soon as is feasible is best.

Cleaning whilst still under the influence could leave you with cleaning chemicals on your bong or you storing it away while it’s still damp. Look after your kit and it will look after you.

Are there any other things to consider when you are deciding how often to clean your bong?

You are already aware of the biofilm that can form on your bong and the nasty fungi and bacteria that can grow there unnoticed. What other things do you need to be aware of when deciding how often to clean your bong?

Heavy resin can build up and could eventually become fused to your bong if you let it go for too long. Make sure that this gets removed as part of your cleaning routine.

Water that is left in your bong will start to discolor very quickly and become brown. It will also start to smell which is a sign that immediate cleaning is required. You will lose friends quickly if they are offered a puff from a stagnant cesspit of a bong.

If you notice black and white specks on your bong, this is also a sign that it needs immediate cleaning. Smoking cannabis from your bong when it is in this state runs the risk of lung infection. Get into the routine of taking a few minutes to clean your bong after every time you use it. This will make for an overall more pleasant experience for you and, particularly, your friends.

So, hopefully, you have now answered that niggling question of how often do you clean your bong, so here is another one. How do you go about cleaning your bong?

Stuff You Will Need To Clean Your Bong

Once you have all of the items listed below, you will be ready to start cleaning your bong with a very simple method:

  • Salt (rock, sea or table will do)
  • Alcohol rub (Mueller or something similar)
  • Boiling water (that’s when it starts to bubble)
  • Bottle Brush Kit (Camelbak or another brand)

Ok, you’ve got your kit, now for the cannabis bong cleaning method. Preventative cleaning is much better and easier than taking a bogging bong and trying to make it clean. It doesn’t matter how often you clean your bong, the first thing you should do to clean it is to disassemble it. All parts that can be removed should be especially the bowl and the stem.

Next, take your salt and dilute it into the alcohol, then pour it into your bong to about 70-90% full. Cover the open end of your bong parts and give it a good shaking. Alternate 2-3 seconds of shaking with the same of swirling and make sure that all surfaces get covered. Pour out the salt and alcohol mixture and rinse with clean water, then allow it to completely dry out. Once totally dry, you can put your bong away ready for your next sesh.

A slight variation to the above cleaning routine for particularly dirty bongs is this. For your down stem, bowl or pipe, you can soak them in boiling water first so that the bulk of the dirt gets removed. Next, place the disassembled pieces in a plastic container along with the salt and alcohol mix. Seal the container, shake vigorously and rinse with clean water. If there are particularly stubborn stains, you may want to use a pipe cleaner to remove them. Dry and store as before.

If you are really struggling to get your head around the complexities of the first two methods above, here’s an even simpler method to try. Rinse out your piece with boiling water to remove the resin droplets, let it dry in the air and pack it away.

How often do you clean your bong using these 3 methods, ultimately is up to you, but you have been warned!

How often to clean your bong? If you have ever asked yourself the question of how often to clean your bong, this short article will answer that question.