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Some growers take pictures through a magnifier for even closer pictures (more info next) Best example: Many people already have a smartphone that will take pretty good pictures. The best phones for magnifying trichomes have optical zoom (as opposed to digital zoom), which means they can take bigger pictures without losing resolution. The pictures above were taken with a Samsung S8+ (a 3-year-old phone now), and it still did a good job even though it only has digital zoom. Great smart phone options include most iPhones (all models after iPhone 7 have optical zoom), and Samsung Galaxy phones (Galaxy 9 and later have optical zoom). Pixel phones also take excellent close-up pictures.

Example pictures: Click images for larger versions. Notes: These types of tiny pocket-microscopes are relatively cheap and can be used alone or with a smartphone. If you have a smartphone, make sure to get one with a phone attachment like the ones in the picture above. This makes for better pictures and it also makes it way easier to focus on the piece of plant you want. Pro-tip: these are great for video if you don’t have a USB camera available. Best example: First and foremost, if you get a microscope meant to clip on to your phone, make sure you get one that fits. If the clip isn’t the right size for your phone, the camera won’t be able to focus on your beautiful trichomes. Nebula and I both use this pocket microscope since it fits our Galaxy phones.

Clip-on microscopes are nice, just make sure it fits your particular phone! Example pictures: Click images for larger versions. Notes: The larger class of pocket microscopes are able to produce some really impressive pictures. The only problem is that they can be frustrating to use, especially when you’re trying to inspect something like a live branch on a cannabis plant. If you can afford to cut off a small piece of plant matter or if you’re trying to inspect an already harvested bud, this tool becomes a lot handier. Best example: No matter how many of these we buy, our old Carson is still the best of our larger pocket microscopes. Have patience with learning how to use one if you decide to take the dive! Example pictures: Notes: Endoscopes aren’t really meant for inspecting cannabis, but we tried a few anyway. They’re definitely fun and easy to use, but they’re not that great for figuring out if it’s time to harvest your plants. There are much better alternatives for the price unless you’re also aching to see what’s in your ear or on your teeth. Endoscopes require a connection to a smartphone or laptop. Best example: There isn’t really a ‘best’ since it won’t help you harvest, but this one definitely works as an endoscope…especially if you want to be reminded to wash your hands often. Example pictures: Click images for larger versions. Notes: USB microscopes were cutting-edge when they first came out, but they were also a burden because they had to be connected to a laptop or computer. These days, many newer Android smartphones have OTG, which means that they can be connected to USB devices just like a computer. The combination of a smartphone with a USB microscope is tough to compete with since images come in so clearly without a steep learning curve. Make sure your phone can support OTG before getting a USB microscope. This means no iPhone/iPad users just yet… Best example: If a USB microscope works with your phone, it’ll probably do a decent job. That being said, I have yet to try a better USB microscope than this one. I wish the focus feature was easier to use with one hand, but it’s worth it for the pictures/video it produces. Example pictures: Click images for larger versions (second images is a 1.3MB animated .gif) Notes: Using a stereo microscope to view trichomes is going overboard. Although they’re a blast to use and cool in a very nerdy way, there’s almost no chance that one of these will ever pay for itself in terms of making your harvest better. Best example: We have an AMScope-306R and it definitely takes some cool shots. Best Overall Magnifier/Loupe/Microscope: For those with Android smartphones: Plugable USB Microscope For Apple users or those without smartphones: Jeweler’s Loupe Apple products don’t support OTG yet, so USB microscopes won’t work for this group.

Surprisingly, a jeweler’s loupe is the next best thing in our book! Best Value Magnifier/Loupe/Microscope: Jeweler’s Loupe: They’re cheap, easy to use, durable and they magnify enough to actually help determine harvest time. A jeweler’s loupe and a phone together are better than either one is on its own. It’s really hard to beat this much value and dependability! Best for each category: We tested quite a few microscopes, loupes, magnifiers, etc., but there’s a good chance we missed some good stuff! If we didn’t cover a tool that you use to look at trichomes, make sure to drop us a line and let us know. We’ll take a look and add any good suggestions to this page! Niedziele i święta: godz.: 8 00 , 9 30 , 11 00 , 12 30 i 18 00. W lipcu i sierpniu w niedzielę : godz.: 8 00 , 9 30 , 11 00 , 12 30 i 20 00. Gryfa Pomorskiego 51, 84-200 Wejherowo, tel: +48 690-889-728.

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