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I pretty much expect I'll never see my package ever arrive! This is company preys on peoples fear of missing out by tempting them with "exclusive" products from popular brands in zeitgeist. I purchased a Limited edition Lord of the Rings Trilogy Lootcrate (3 boxes) in October 2018, the ETA was March 2019. I had to chase them at the end of March for an update which turn the new ETA for the 1st was now MAY 2019. The 1st did not arrived until the end of September 2019, with items missing.

There was a note saying that the missing pieces will the following boxes, the next box did not arrive until November (original ETA was June 2019). The 3rd box has still not arrived to this date (June 2020) original ETA was August 2019. The company does not communicate at all with their customers, you have to contact them. When message you back they do it unsympathetic, hollow-apologies with no real information for work with. I received the 2 emails with literally same the text in them, seriously suggesting that they use a copy and past response team. The products them selves are not bad all, a few years ago some were great but in the last 3-4 years the items lack any distinguishable qualities. Most of which can easy found from vendors at Comic cons and fan groups/page on social media. The quality of company, it products and customer service started so well in 2012/13 but in recent years it just become company that represents poor quality, opportunistic and low value for money. Looking for optimal flavour, aroma and unique effects?

Our concentrates are extracted from topshelf cannabis using a whole-plant extraction method, retaining the maximum number of cannabinoids and terpenes – perfect for those looking to avoid the hazards of burning other terpenes. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Finding, Testing and Reviewing the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers for 2020. This section is entirely dedicated to finding the best of the top shelf vaporizers currently on the market. Although price is a factor, it isn’t the main one in terms of what qualifies a vaporizer to be called “Top Shelf” or “Best of the Best”. The primary factors to consider when looking to purchase a new vaporizer are: Performance Vapor production Purity and potency of vapor Battery life Preferred medicine (flowers or concentrates) Efficiency of vaporization Ease of use Materials used in construction Finally, price. Although most of the top shelf vapes in this section are more expensive than their mid-range counterparts, that isn’t the case with all of them. If you are someone on a very tight or restrictive budget, this may not be the best section for you, although if you think of the longer term, any good vaporizer will easily end up paying for itself with money saved on herb. As I mentioned earlier on this site, once I switched to vaping, I was able to cut my weed budget by more than half. For myself, that was about 100-150 dollars a week less than I was spending while I was still smoking my herb. It really didn’t take long for my first vaporizers to pay for themselves. Even my most expensive vape at the time, my Volcano paid for itself within the first two months of use and I’ve had it almost ten years now. The reason I mention this here is to encourage you to take the price tag with a bit of a grain of salt. Focus primarily on what you want in a vaporizer, your primary medicine (flowers or concentrates) and your preferred vaping style and then finally on price. Even if it means waiting a little while to get the best vape to suit your needs, it will be worth it in the end. This page features the best top shelf portable vaporizers currently on the market. As you’ll see, there are both conduction and convection based vapes listed here. When it’s created through direct contact between the herb and the oven or heating chamber, that’s known as a conduction based vaporizer. When the vapor is created by forcing hot air through the material, that’s known as a convection vape. Personally, I find the difference between the two to be negligible, particularly with portable vaporizers. The main difference is that with conduction vaporizers, for optimal results, you need to pack your herb pretty tightly in the heating chamber to maintain direct contact. With convection vapes, since the vapor is created by hot air surrounding your herb, packing is unnecessary. As a result, convection vaporizers can be slightly more economical on herb than convection based vapes. It’s not a huge difference since the heating chambers on portable vaporizers are relatively small, but it will definitely add up over time. My personal favorite vaporizer is conduction based while my (very close) second pick is convection based. So here we go, the best of the best portable weed vaporizers are… #1 -Best Convection Vape -The Utillian 722. The Utillian 722 is a dual-use fully convection vaporizer capable of vaporizing both dry herb and concentrated material. It features a massive increase in battery life over it’s predecessor, offering a full 60 minutes of use per charge. The Utillian 722 features a stainless steel herb chamber which easily holds up to 0.4 / gram of herb, but as a fully convection vaporizer it is capable of vaporizing a little as 0.1 / gram for small single sessions.

One of the most economical vaporizers on material of all portable vapes on the market. Herbs and concentrates are only vaporized as air is drawn through them making it more economical on medicine than most conduction vapes. Based on performance, ease of use, battery holding capacity and price, it easily ranks as one of the best fully convection vaporizers on the market today.

The DaVinci IQ is the newest offering by DaVinci Vaporizers, originators of both the Ascent and the Original DaVinci Vaporizer.


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