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This is because in this guide, you’ll learn about what to look for to find the best cheap weed grinders and which products are recommended. Since we review and try out many different types of weed grinders frequently, you’ll be able to choose the best ones from the wide variety available. If you’re ready to find the best cheap weed grinders to save money but still have a decent quality grinder for your recreational activities, then check out our reviews below of the top 5 weed grinders.

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder – Nickel Black. First up, we have the herb grinder from Golden Bell – a brand that is well-known for selling quality marijuana accessories. Its dimensions are 2” x 2” x 1.6” and weighs around 6 ounces, not bad for a grinder. Now for the honey – it costs under $10 and is one of the cheapest that you can get. However, its quality and features you’ll soon see below will show why its worth a lot more than that and why we recommend this one over all the others that we could’ve chosen. It comes in two different styles – 2” Nickel Black and 2.36” Nickle Black.

The difference between the two is simply the length of the diameter. Other than that, the features are roughly the same, as well as the quality and colors of the grinder. The 2.36” style is a bit more expensive but that is mostly because of the increased diameter which increases the overall size. This grinder is made of heavy duty zinc alloy which is perfect if you want a grinder that can take some blows and remain good to use. The heavy-duty design will also prevent the grinder from receiving any dents during minor falls which is quite important. It is important because if any part of the grinder receives a dent, then it will ruin the interior teeth as well, preventing the weed from grinding properly and in some cases, not working at all. In addition, this grinder comes with 4 pieces and 3 chambers, so if any of those chambers receives a dent, you’ll have headaches when you are grinding your marijuana. Some features that come with this grinder include mesh screen, pollen scraper, lid, and O-ring. First, we’ll talk about the mesh screen and the pollen scraper. The mesh screen gives you the ability to filter out fine pollen which is essential if you don’t want any pollen inside your ground up weed. The pollen scraper allows you to get the excess pollen that may remain stuck inside the grinder after use. However, this tool shouldn’t be needed as much as the mesh screen, since most of the pollen will fall out alongside the weed. Next, the magnetized lid is a feature that we love about this grinder. This is most likely why some of the other grinders reviewed below also have this feature. This lid prevents any spilling of marijuana while grinding. If you have ever tried a low-quality grinder, then you must know about this, as it is one of those things that makes people hate grinders. Lastly, the O-ring is an important feature if you want your grinding experience to be as smooth as possible. This is made possible by reducing friction so that when you are cranking, the weed gets ground as smoothly as possible. Overall, this product is great if you want to be able to grind weed smoothly, while not having to face the consequences of dents after a minor fall. It is also cheap and affordable, allowing you to not have the fear of getting this product with the thought of burning a hole in your wallet. Next up, we have a grinder from the brand Moore – a brand that sells a variety of products but is still well-known for their presence in the cheap grinder market. Its dimensions are 2” x 2” x 2” and weighs around 0.8 ounces which are considered very light. This may even be one of the lightest out of the ones available. It is considerably more expensive than the other grinders on this list, but it is still considered cheap when compared to the average price of these products. It comes in 4 different styles – 40mm/1.5”, 50mm/2”, 63mm/2.5”-Drum, and 63mm/2.5”-Hollow. They are all the same color – rainbow – but are different sizes when it comes to diameter, length, and shape.

It is made of metal zinc alloy which is basically the same material as the product above. This means that this product also has the durability to survive from drops to prevent itself from getting any dents. This product comes with 4 pieces and 3 chambers which are enough to grind your weed properly. You’ll be able to get the right sizes that aren’t too grainy or chunky to roll up to smoke with this grinder. Some features that you’ll be able to experience with this product include efficient grinding, a variety of colors, and portability. This grinder also has O-rings alongside diamond-shaped teeth that will allow you to have a smoother experience while grinding.

This will make the process a lot more efficient as well, giving you more ground weed with less cranking. Second, the rainbow color design of this grinder isn’t for everyone. However, for those that like this kind of color will be able to appreciate its flamboyant design.


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