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So “mids”, or cannabis that contains THC percentages around 10% to 16%, would likely do the job if you’re a beginner. If the weed is mids, it will have a smaller concentration of trichomes, which means less cannabinoids and terpenes. In some cases, mids could be good weed that is a bit old or sun-damaged, which would give it a brown appearance.

Mids in states with established markets, such as California, would pass a top shelf in other states — especially those states where cannabis is prohibited. In cannabis-illegal states, mids are often the best weed you can get. How much weed you need to get high and the extent of your high will always depend on your body, your age, weight, sex, and even what you have had to eat or whether you are well-hydrated. It is best to start with one hit, and then wait 30 minutes to 1 hour and see how you feel. You can always smoke more, but you can’t take it back. The information contained in this site is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical or legal advice. This is my first post and I am looking for some advice with my new device. I picked up an Ariza Extreme Q a few weeks ago and have been struggling with it a bit.

I had previously used a Hotbox vaporizer for 9 years and was totally satisfied with it. I have found the Q inconsistent so far and would like to figure out what I'm doing wrong. The Hot Box had an on/off switch and I never had to worry about temperature controls. I consistently exhaled big, visible, and smooth vapor plumes every time I vaped, and got a high almost equivalent to smoking. I would have gotten another Hotbox but as far as I can tell they are no longer made. I have not really been able to get the Q to give me good hits under 235 degrees, and the highs are not as high as the Hot Box. I know the grower and the stuff is all from the same crop, so I pretty much am using the same stuff with the Q as the Hotbox.I realize that the temp can be variable depending on the stuff's moisture level and also depending on the individual device. I know my oven is really running at 370 when I set it to 350. I am packing it the way shown on this web site and everything is ground up really fine. Is there a way for me to test the temp of the heating element? Is there a specific thermometer and/or recommended measuring technique? I worked with the support team at Planet of the Vapes where I got the Q and I'm pretty sure the device is working fine. The Hotbox is super basic, so I'm pretty inexperienced with these more sophisticated devices. Any advice, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Because if it's not, I don't understand how you're getting any THC from vaping at 235F on any vape. Really, anything under around 350F will not have much THC in it, you may want to reference the cannabinoid boiling points chart for a general idea. Although THC has a boiling point of 314.6F (pure substance), in reality it takes quite a bit more temperature to compensate for things such as moisture and other conditions. I know there's definitely a learning curve with the Extreme Q being one of the more entry-mid level vaporizers. Fortunately you should be able to find a ton of Youtube videos with tips on how to use, sorry I do not have one personally. Some people even claim they prefer the Extreme Q over the Volcano, although that's pretty hard to believe for me for a lot of reasons. I hope you read my entire findings and the information helps you. I will start with the bottom line and you can read my supporting opinion, evidence. If you vape an Arizer Extreme Q via a balloon or the whip at 376 Degrees (F) and then you do the same with a Volcano Balloon at 376. The potency of the vapor are equal provided you use the same herbs. I have done this and that is when I sold my Volcano because I use my Extreme Q as my desktop. Just because you will cough more with the Volcano at 376 Degree (F) does not mean the smooth vapor from the Extreme Q. Harshness and coughing up a lung is not ANY indication of the potency of your vapor.

A smooth moist 376 that results in just yum (Extreme Q), is the same as the Volcano at 376. I have found that the Arizer Vapes in general I run at higher temperatures. This is not a bad thing, it's the reason I think the Extreme Q is the best desktop Vape I have experienced and that includes the Volcano.

The following is my opinion and I think my opinion will help you with the technical questions you have. I have read and agree Vaporizers that utilize a stainless steel screen give off a more harsh vape. I put this to the test and it always has rung true. Your Extreme Q, is made with an all glass oven a slight elbow screen which is very far from the heating element and herbs. This provides vapor that tastes and feels really cool and easy.


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