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If you want to improve your work productivity and creativity, then a microdose is best (10-20ug of LSD, 0.1-0.2g dried psilocybin mushrooms). If you want to have a moderate entheogenic experience, then a moderate dose is best (100-150ug of LSD, 1-1.5g dried psilocybin mushrooms). If you desire a full-on ‘heroic dose’, then 200-400ug of LSD (or 2-4g dried psilocybin mushrooms) will work. For more information on how much you should take, please look at this resource. It is a comprehensive guide on dose amount for a range of psychedelics.

For any user of psychedelics (especially a new user), a guide for your trip is recommended. An ideal guide is someone who has extensive experience with psychedelics – both taking them and guiding others through psychedelic experiences. The sitter acts as a reassuring figure in the midst of a disorientating experience. He or she takes care of the physical setting, monitors the music, and, most importantly, acts as a sensitive pillar of support for the voyager. If you cannot find an experienced sitter to guide you, do not let this deter you from trying psychedelics. I have used LSD well over 15 times and have never had a sitter. Yet, I consider my experiences with LSD to be some of the most transformative of my entire life. If you do not have a sitter, you must manage the other 5 S’s. Also, as additional help, it may be a good idea to enlist the help of a friend, even if he or she has no experience with psychedelic use.

‘Session’ refers to the general time for a voyage (depends on the psychedelic – see all our substance guides for more information) and the particular aspects of a voyage. According to the Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, there are six stages to a psychedelic session: Ingesting the Psychedelic Initial Onset Opening and Letting Go Plateau The Gentle Glide The End of the Formal Session. I go into further details about all six of these aspects in this article. ‘Situation’ refers to how the Voyager integrates the experience into his or her life. It begins with the end of the formal session and extends for weeks, or even months, into the future. Make a pointed effort to sit down and figure out what matters most to you from your experience: Did you have any groundbreaking insights into your habits, daily actions, or thought processes? Are there any people in your life who you should reach out to? Or, alternatively, people who bring you down and you must leave behind? Be patient with yourself when making these decisions. Do not make any major life changes for the first few weeks. Instead, give yourself time to integrate your experience. The exception would be to stop any toxic behaviors, like overconsumption of alcohol or drugs. If you plan to talk to others about your experience, understand many will not be interested. Remember, your psychedelic trip is primarily an internal experience. Use it to help you reach a higher level of self-awareness. As with other positive experiences, you might have a desire to try it again. After taking LSD the first time, I went on to experiment with it an additional 5-6 times over the course of the next three months. I was 19 at the time and if I could go back, I’d approach my psychedelic experiences with more caution. The rule of thumb for psychedelic experiences is the more profound the experience, the longer you should wait before doing it again. A comfortable time frame for most individuals is at least six months. It takes at least this long to integrate the learning and insights into your life. Our substance guides will give you more information about the properties of specific psychedelics, and should inform you about the particular risks and benefits of certain substances. If you’re interested in taking a psychedelic, but are apprehensive about taking a large dose – consider microdosing first. Our microdosing course offers an extensive amount of information to help you get started with psychedelics, and is the perfect introduction to the world of psychoactive substances for those who are psychedelic-naive. Signing up to our course also gives you access to our exclusive members-only community, where you can ask questions to our team of experts, and other experienced community members.

Finally, subscribe to The Third Wave podcast for weekly interviews with influential figures in the psychedelic community, as well as people who have started to microdose to improve their daily lives. Operating heavy machinery, Juggling Chainsaws, cleaning all the electrical sockets in the house, running with steak knives up and down stairs, you know, the usual. -music with eyes closed with lights off in the darkest room possible. -put in a favorite movie or a movie you have never seen before. -produce music (my favorite) -draw the visuals you see on a blank piece of paper and you will be amazed with what you have drawn the next days after.

-do things that 'jog' your memory -meditate -go on a walk with a fatty joint and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. -lay in the grass and watch the clouds (clouds are the best while on LSD, higher doses are even more amazing) Well-Known Member. When you look at them and diverge your eyes, a hidden picture stands out.


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