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They come in a pack of 6 and are perfect to store in a small weed stash bag. Moisture can be a huge nemesis to your weed for many reasons. It can create a wet and humind environment, something which does mix well with weed. When your weed mingles with humidity it can end up molding.

Molded weed is extremely unsafe to smoke (it can damage your immune system) and can destroy the taste many desire with their weed. As mentioned above, moisture is your weed’s nemesis. Because weed stash bags are zipped up and enclosed, they are the perfect place for humidity and odors to form. Dark tinted jars are also ideal over plastic bags for a few reasons. When light hits your weed, it can bleach it which can cause the color to fade and even reduce the taste. Plastic might be popular, but it’s not good to use if you want to have a serious and enjoyable smoke. If you find that your weed stash bag doesn’t come with a good lock system, you can buy your own.

A good product to consider are the SourceOne Mini Locks. These locks come in a pack of ten and are very durable. This way, there’s no need to worry about them breaking or giving easy access to your stash bag. You can open them up with the set of keys that come with each lock. Weed stash bags are great products to use to store your cannabis in and transport it around. They’re made with many different materials and designs as well as various price ranges. This means everyone can find something that suits their needs. So, if you’re looking to invest in a stash bag, definitely consider the products mentioned above. Also keep in mind the tips mentioned to ensure you invest in the right one for your needs. Marvel Reveals SPIDER-MAN MILES MORALES Game for PS5! A Guide to Playing Old School (aka Goat Format) YU-GI-OH! About a week ago, I shared one of my thoughts about the current state of Yu-Gi-Oh! and how powercreep has become ridiculous in the game. In the comments and other discussions, I noticed people talked about “Goat Format,” and I thought some might be interested in this unofficial version of Yu-Gi-Oh! I’d heard about the format before, but finally decided to actually look into it. It uses the rules and cards that were legal during the summer of 2005, which allows all cards through The Lost Millennium to be used. If this sounds interesting to you, please keep reading. The unoffical website for Goat Format has a Google Sheet that fans can access as well as the appropriate banlist for the format. I found that for cursory glances of what packs were legal, YGOProDeck was a little easier for me to see and understand. Now, you need to figure out if you’re going to play virtually or in-person.

If you’re playing in-person (hopefully not during this time of social distancing), you simply need to buy cards legal in the format and put them into a deck for this step. If you’re playing virtually, DuelingBook is the only simulator currently supporting Goat Format, but its deck builder does have a built-in option to only show cards legal in Goat Format.

Simply create an account and then enter the Deck Constructor, click “more options,” then under “Custom:” select “Goat Format Cards,” and then hit “Search.” This will show you only legal cards, but it won’t tell you the Goat banlist, so you’ll still need to be conscious of that. So, we’ve checked the banlist, checked which cards are legal, and made a deck. If you’ve ever played, you know a lot of the basics, but there are some rules that have changed and Goat Format reverts them to how they were (such as having unlimited sized Main and Extra Decks or the first player drawing).


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