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This chrome-plated, adjustable-flame, butane-saving lighter is ideal for those who wish to gain control over—and maximize the value of—their pipe smoking. The Corona Old Boy looks—and feels—like one of “the classics”—the lighters that smokers previously used to keep their pipes operating smoothly. The parallel-line design, the chrome finish, the flint lighting—all these characteristics are a “throwback” to the old days, but it’s important to understand that the aptly named Old Boy isn’t stuck in the past. On the contrary, these features are accentuated and improved upon by reliable components and a smart internal setup.

In other words, while the Old Boy looks and feels like an “old boy,” its durability and minimal fuel usage are advantages that could only be offered by a lighter made in the modern day. Users will instantly recognize that the Old Boy offers “the best of both worlds.” Flame Quality. As if this wasn’t enough, the Old Boy model, which is handmade in Japan, limits its butane usage; it’s not hard to refill the lighter, but even for frequent smokers, these instances will be few and far between. While other lighters focus on bigger and hotter , the Old Boy is specifically designed to efficiently offer the ideal light for pipe smokers. Plus, with the piece’s easy-adjust flame, every size and type of pipe can be accounted for. Anyone in the market for a reliable, handmade, and efficient pipe lighter should consider trying the Old Boy.

In a sentence, the unit honors lighters of the past while simultaneously looking forward to what the future will bring. Affordable cost Solid appearance Handmade Uses butane. Flint striking might not please unaccustomed smokers. As the most affordable lighter featured in this piece, the Kiribi Kabuto Short Lighter could be written off by some pipe smokers. However, doing so would be a mistake to say the least, as Kiribi Kabuto has created a tremendous, easily recommendable lighter here. Simple in design and appearance, this handmade (in Japan) lighter is comprised of the finest steel, aluminum, and brass. A style that’s made specifically for pipes is complemented by unheralded fuel efficiency; this Kiribi Kabuto model can provide many, many lights on a single fill. Additionally, the small (just over two inches tall and about one and one-fifth inches wide) is simple to operate and transport. Presentation isn’t overlooked at Kiribi Kabuto, and each of these units ships in a gorgeously designed gift box, which also doubles as a protective case. Both in terms of temperature and size, the unit’s flame is ideal for pipes. It’s apparent that Kiribi Kabuto designers crafted this lighter’s blueprints with pipe smokers in mind, and to be sure, their effort paid off. For affordability and understated functionality, this Kiribi Kabuto lighter is a great choice. Affordable, handmade, and without any real drawbacks, this lighter will please pipe smokers for years to come. Zippo has long been a staple for smokers throughout the world. The brand is widely known for producing lots of different colors and designs on the recognizable square-shaped form of its exterior. Even non-smokers have been known to buy them for such things as lighting fireplaces, camping in the woods, and grilling at the park or in a backyard. You’ll find that it enabled you to turn the zippo sideways with a continuous flame , making it easy to use in most pipes. Just make sure you’re putting enough lighter fluid inside the rayon, which is accessed by taking the exterior body off and opening the fabric lid at the bottom. Squeeze the lighter fluid a few time until the rayon is covered. But don’t overdo it; adding too much may result in a flame that’s too big. If you’re an outside smoker and live in a region that receives a lot of wind, this might be necessary. Still, Zippos tend to function well under gusty conditions. As mentioned, the only way to control the strength of the flame is through the level of lighter fluid added into the bottom. And if you’re more familiar with butane lighters, the closing mechanism for turning extinguishing the flame might seem a little odd. This is often left up to personal preference, however.

Some users find this to be a signature feature of Zippos. The flint is located at the lower portion of the wheel. The only way to access it is through the small screw by the rayon . A screwdriver might be needed to open this, but some people can do it with a finger alone. Make sure that you place the spring back as it was when you do a replacement because the flint won’t work if it’s not behind the screw. Overall, you should definitely consider a Zippo for pipe lighters .

As long as you perform upkeep on the device, it could last for a lifetime.


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