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Here's a video of a glass bong with multiple percolators: Please note that when we are talking about percolators we 're talking about the percolators that are functional , like the swiss percolators , showerhead percolators , and tree percolators . Not the ones that exist in your bong for the good looks only like the flower marble or the ball percolators . When it comes to converting your water pipe/bong into a dab rig/wax rig, there are no wrong answers here, the few points that we mentioned up there are merely experience talking from our foolish attempts in the past few years in the field.

I've seen people using a 6" tall bong to take a big fat dab and that's totally fine. There are two main reasons you may want to use a bong for dabs. The first is that you’ve been smoking flower for a while and want to try dabbing without buying a whole new piece (IE, a rig). Convenience is the second most common motivator when people want to use bongs for dabs. Sometimes you just don’t have a dab rig at your disposal.


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