how long do disposable vape pens last

How Long Will My Disposable Vape Pen Last?

Whether walking along the road on a body-weight loss mission, sitting outside your tea shop, or racing along in traffic, nowadays, it is no longer strange to smell or see a large plume of blissful cannabis vapor billowing out of someone’s mouth. As CBD oils and other marijuana products become legally accepted for medical and recreational uses, in the United States as well as other countries around the world, more and more users are embracing vaping or vaporizing as their chosen mode of consuming cannabis. They are indeed using a device called vape pen.

Numerous choices, health benefits, and the most-sought-after convenience make vaporizing much more attractive than smoking. More importantly, portable options as the disposable pens make cannabis consumption an experience that can be enjoyed anywhere. You may not be one of the vape enthusiasts yet, but perhaps you have become a vaping admirer, and you do not own a pen. Besides that, you are probably wondering approximately how long it will last, which is arguably the fundamental information to have at hand. Before tackling this concern in totality, let us first get a few highlights.

What are disposable vape pens?

Disposable vape pens are typically a style of vaporizer that is preferred by many users of CBD oil and other cannabis products. They are designed to look like a common e-cigarette and, as a result, they are lightweight, small, thin, and discreet. Vape pens are available at most marijuana dispensaries and cost between $15 and $20 (some rigs cost even more than that). Coming in a variety of strain-specific flavors and brands, a disposable vape pen does not have a rechargeable battery, so users don’t need to worry about a dead battery until the entire extract is gone. In this case, you just need to throw it away and buy another one! Other components of this device include:

  • Chamber or tank;
  • Mouthpiece;
  • Power button;
  • Atomizer

How long will it last?

Now let’s delve into the day’s main course and see what the exact longevity of your dream disposable CBD oil and marijuana vape pen is. Well, just as we all know, simple questions often have complicated answers, and it is never the exception with the above concern. Really, the value for money given by this device hinges on its longevity; so, there is no sole answer to the question in our title. How long a pen lasts depends entirely on several other factors, two of which are the type of pen and the brand one chooses to buy. The most complicated part in determining the longevity of a vape pen is how often you use the herb, how carefully you use it, the quantity of the cannabinoid product used, and the frequency of stoning as well as temperature, maintenance aptitude, and luck.

Even though by nature, disposable vape pens are less costly, they can become quite expensive if they only give the user a few hits. It is indeed essential to read and understand all the specifications of a given device so you can estimate the length of time that you will be able to use it. For instance, the Evoxe Vape Pen has an average inhalation of 150 seconds, and each CBD pen contains half a gram of oil with 350 mg of THC. In general, this brand can last for three days of continuous usage when puffed 150 times in a second. On average, sporadic users can use it for up three months. Other brands, however, have different ratings depending on the factors stated above!

While some disposable vape pens last longer, others barely run you through a single day, making it incredibly hard to know the exact duration under which you will use your device. The good news is that many new technologies are being advanced each day that will see disposables last even longer in the near future.

Disposable Vape Pen FAQ’s

How long does a disposable vape pen battery last?

With regular use, a disposable pen battery will last about 3 days. If you’re a heavy user, your battery will last a much shorter length of time than it will for a light user.

How long do disposable vape cartridges last?

Just like the batteries in vape pens, how long your disposable cartridge lasts will depend on how often you use it. A typical 250 mg cartridge, containing 1 milliliter of vape juice, will last anywhere from 150-300 draws. The length of a typical draw (or puff) ranges from 1 second to 6 seconds. People who take bigger puffs (longer length of time) will use up their vape cartridges much more quickly than those who take smaller puffs.

How many hits are in a 500 mg cartridge?

The number of hits in a vape cartridge depends on the amount of liquid in the cartridge, not how many milligrams of THC or CBD the cartridge contains. A typical vape cartridge contains either 0.5 ml or 1 ml. A 1 ml cartridge will last for 150-300 hits. A 0.5 ml cartridge will last for about half that number of hits. It also depends how big of a hit you take each time. I’m a very light hitter and I only hit my vape pen for maybe 4 or 5 hits per week. My latest 1 ml vape cartridge has lasted me for about 3 months.

How long does a disposable THC pen last?

The longevity of your THC pen will depend on a variety of factors, such as the following:

  • The amount of liquid in your cartridge;
  • The amount of THC in your cannabis oil;
  • The quality of your battery;
  • How many hits you take daily;
  • How long you draw on each hit.

Obviously, heavier use will cause your cannabis oil vape pen to not last as long as those who take fewer hits with shorter draws. So, the answer to this question depends entirely on the quality of the device, the size of the tank, and the vaping habits of the user.

Will my vape pen last until all of the oil is gone?

Disposable pens are designed so that the vape battery and the heating element will last until you have consumed all of the cannabis or CBD products that are in the cartridge. That being said, disposable batteries will lose their charge over time so, if you lose your pen in your couch and finally find it 6 months later, the battery could be dead.

Whether walking along the road on a body-weight loss mission, sitting outside your tea shop, or racing along in traffic, nowadays, it is no longer strange to smell or see a large plume of blissful cannabis vapor billowing out of someone’s mouth. As CBD oils and other marijuana products become…

How Long Do Disposable Vape Pens Last

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