how do you use a bubbler

How do you use a bubbler

You just got a new piece delivered and realize:

a: You never used a glass bubbler and it looks different from your other glass .

b: You could use a quick refresh on your bubbler pipe knowledge.

In either scenario, Atomic Blaze has you covered with our Blazer’s Smoking Guide, dedicated to understanding how to maximize use of your new smoking accessory and ensure it lasts you a long time.

  • Don’t add too much or too little water to a water pipe before smoking
  • Don’t over-pack the bowl, just like you wouldn’t on a normal smoke pipe
  • Preserve your stash by cornering the bowl when you light it
  • Keeping a nice glass bubbler clean is essential to its lifetime value

No time to read? Watch this video breakdown on how to use a glass bubbler.

A little background on the glass bubbler pipe.

I’m sure you’ve heard many things about bubblers. They are an awesome method of enjoying a nice, relaxing evening with your friends after a busy day. I know you know what I’m talking about here.

A glass bubbler offers the same experience that a bong provides, but it’s much smaller and more compact. Bubblers are that smoking accessory that makes you go “Oh, wow! I didn’t expect that.”

They are the perfect blend of function, form, and artistry. You can think of them as a piece somewhere between a bong and a glass pipe – you’ll get the smooth smoking experience, while also benefiting from their portability and ease-of-use.

Bubblers use water and a percolation system to cool and filter smoke, so when you get the hit, you’ll enjoy a silky deliciousness. I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried one yet, you’re actually missing out.

Follow these 4 tips on how to use a bubbler pipe, and you will be a pro in no time.

Step 1. Add the right amount of water

Yes, before smoking from a bubbler, you need to add water. We suggest you use distilled drinking water for a better experience, but tap water will do the trick as well. Now the question is, how do you know what the right amount of water is?

Well, you take a measuring cup, you pour the water in it, then you measure exactly 10 ml. of water – not less, not more. We’re joking, of course. The next step is to very carefully pour the water into the bubbler.

You just have to fill the chamber up halfway and you’re good to go. Simple as that. It just depends on the size of the chamber. Why is this aspect of a water pipe important?

Because if you overfill your bubbler, you may inhale some of the water while smoking, and this will definitely lessen your experience, as you will most likely start coughing. Who wants bong water in their mouth anyways?

On the other hand, if you don’t use enough water, you may end up with a hotter and less filtered hit that can burn your lungs. And I’m sure you don’t want that to happen.

Pro Smokers Tip:

“Make sure that whenever you use your bubbler, you fill it with ice-cold water. Trust me, you will thank me later.”

Step 2: Pack the bowl lightly

Before packing any herb, don’t forget to wipe out any water from the bubbler’s bowl, because it has to be completely dry. Then, it’s time to grind up your herbs. Make sure you’re not using too fine of a grind because your herbs might get packed too tight, but neither too rough, as you may lose that consistent and smooth burn.

Too finely-ground herbs may also slip through your bowl pack, so you’d better find the right balance of grinding if you don’t want to waste all that yumminess.

Once you’ve got a satisfying pile of freshly ground herbs, pinch a good amount and carefully pack it into the bowl piece. It’s really important to do this gently. If you pack it too tight, you’ll restrict airflow, therefore it will be hard to smoke. Also, if you pack it too loosely, you’ll burn the herbs too fast.

So again, be careful and gentle.

Step 3: Light the bowl. Don’t Torch it.

Ok, now it’s time for the fun part. If your bubbler has a carb, cover the opening hole with your index finger or your thumb. Then, put your mouth over the top opening of your bubbler (the mouthpiece).

Grab a lighter and light your bowl just like you would a glass bong or a glass pipe. Gently place the flame on the side of your packed bowl – make sure to go at an angle because this way you’ll burn only a part of the bud at a time, so you’ll enjoy more fresh puffs.

As you are lighting the bubbler, ensure that you are using the carb. Then, you just have to inhale gently. You should hear a soft bubbling sound.

Also, here’s a quick tip: don’t inhale as hard with a bubbler as you would with a huge bong. Why? Well, because you’ll find yourself with some water in your mouth, which is for sure not pleasant.

Step 4: Keep it clean

After a relaxing evening, we all know you’re gonna go to the kitchen at midnight to grab a snack, so why not do something productive in the meantime, like cleaning your bubbler?

Jokes aside, it’s essential to keep it clean. Glass bubblers are smaller than bongs, so they can get clogged and gross quite easily.

Make sure to dump out the water when your session is over. Then run some clean water through the bubbler and let it dry. That’s it. Proper maintenance is actually really easy and is a must, for sure.

However, if you want to be extra careful from time to time, here is what you need to do: first of all, prepare a salt and alcohol solution and put it in a container. Then put your bubbler ipipe n the container to soak.

Next, rinse it off with some warm water. It would be ideal if you can use pipe cleaners in order to get to clear the hard to reach spots. And then just rinse it once again with clean water. Voilà!

So Now What?

You are professional glass bubbler smoker now. Act accordingly.

Bubblers are a perfect way of enjoying a nice evening, especially when you have guests. As you can see, using a glass bubbler is quite simple.

You’ll get to experience a cool and relaxing sesh in no time.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality, but affordable bubbler, you can find one in our online smoke shop along with lots of other smoking accessories to ensure you can blast off.

Just got your new piece and want to know how to use your glass bubbler? Read these 4 essential steps and maximize your bubbler pipe's potential and power..

Smoking Guide: How To Use A Glass Bubbler

Using a Glass Bubbler with Video Guide

A glass bubbler pipe offers the water cooling smoke experience that a bong provides, while also being small and portable like your traditional glass spoon pipe.

  • There are real differences between a bong and bubbler
  • Yes, you add water to a bubbler
  • Don’t pull as hard on a bubbler as you would a bong
  • Light the bubbler and use the carb like you would a packed glass pipe
  • Make sure you know how to clean a bubbler, it’s important
  • Take care of your new glass bubbler

Did you just get a beautiful glass bubbler and want to know the basics of how to clean a glass pipe and how to pack your new piece?

Let me be the first to congratulate you on acquiring such a beautifully designed glass pipe, and I would be happy to explain how to smoke a bubbler. This trusty guide will tell you everything that you need to know to enjoy your new water pipe.

It’s time to uncover the mysteries of the glass bubbler. What is it? How does it work? What makes it different from a standard glass pipe and, let’s say, a glass bong?

The answer is that it is somewhere between a bong and a glass pipe. But, for me, one of the biggest differences is that a bubbler is a beautiful piece of glass and a great addition to a glass collection, especially when you have guests. Let me explain.

There are Real Differences Between a Bong and Bubbler

Just like a standard heavy glass pipe, the bowl is not removable on a bubbler. Like a glass smoke pipe, a bubbler will have a carb on the side so that you can fill the chamber with smoke and then release it to clear the chamber.

Using the carburetor is a great way to preserve your smoking product. A bong can have a carb, but they more often have removable bowls that you can use to clear the chamber instead.

Yes, You Add Water to a Bubbler

If you want to use a glass water pipe the right way, then you need to know how to fill a bubbler. Like a bong, bubblers use water filtration which is great for a smoother smoke experience and perhaps our lung health.

However, a bubbler does not use even close to as much water as a bong does. People are always asking; how much water do you put in a bubbler? The answer is that it depends on the size of your water pipe.

When adding water to a bubbler, take your time. Think of adding water to a bubbler pipe like pouring a cup of tea, carefully and slowly. Run a thin stream of water out of your faucet and either use the hole in the bowl or the mouthpiece to fill just a little water into the bubbler.

You do not need much water. Watch the water line through the glass and when it is high enough to cover the bottom of the bowl stem, you are good to go. You will find that when you are using a bubbler, you tend to tilt it back a little which helps the water cover the stem even more.

Don’t Pull as Hard on a Bubbler as You Would a Bong

Also, you will never inhale as hard with a bubbler as you would with a big bong, or you will find the water at the bottom of the bubbler in your mouth. It’s like a straw. Yucky.

I’ve seen some people cough a little right into the mouthpiece when they use a bubbler. That is a major party foul. If you are going to cough, make sure to turn your head away from the bubbler, otherwise you will be blowing your smoking product and a fountain like stream across the room.

While that might be funny initially, it’s messy to clean up and a waste of your stash. It gets old, fast.

Light the Bubbler and Use the Carb Like you would a Packed Glass Pipe

Now, light the bubbler just like you would a glass pipe or a bong, and make sure to use the carb. You do not need to inhale very hard.

Take the flame from your lighter and gently place it on the side of the packed bowl. Let your inhale pull the flame just into the corner of your stash so you can burn through it slowly.

Inhale softly and you will hear the soft bubbling sound coming from the bubbler, hence its name. After the chamber is filled with smoke let the carb go and you get the same cool smooth smoking experience that you get with a bong.

Make Sure You Know How to Clean a Bubbler, It’s Important

A bubbler is a fun and beautiful addition to the collection and I hope you are able to enjoy yours the same way that I always have been able to. When you have guests come by, they will ooh and aahh over it too. However, bubblers can get clogged and look dirty easily.

Unlike the large chambers typical to bongs, the narrow chambers in bubblers gets filled with dark resin quickly. Since there is typically less water in a bubbler versus a bong, the water becomes dark and murky faster.

Make sure to empty your glass waterpipe when your session is over and have some pipe cleaners handy to clear out the chamber. Proper maintenance is a must.

Bubblers tend to be a lot smaller than bongs which means they also need to be cleaned regularly so they don’t get too gross. Read our guide to cleaning your glass pipe and ensure a smooth, delicious hit every time for you and your friends.

Take Care of Your New Glass Bubbler

Make sure that you are careful when placing your bubbler down on the table. Glass bubblers tend to be a little easier to tip over and the last thing you want is spilled bubbler water and a cracked pipe.

When you are not using your glass bubbler, find a safe place to store it where an inconsiderate swing of the hand could easily knock it over. Keeping it on something soft inside of a case of some sort is the best way to store water pipes like these.

If something does happen to your bubbler pipe, go ahead and check out our one-time free high quality glass smoke pipe giveaway.

Thanks for reading to the bottom of this post! Just for making it this far, we wanted to offer you a little gift with a one-time offer for a beautiful, unique glass bubbler.

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