hot to roll a joint

\u00a0You can choose 3 temperatures: \n Red \u00a0160\u00baC \n Green \u00a0193\u00baC \n Blue \u00a0215\u00baC \n. Hold the \"On\" button for a few seconds \u00a0while it\u2019s on, and it will\u00a0 automatically change the temperature. \u00a0A\u00a0 LED below the button will be red \u00a0while the vaporizer is heating.

\u00a0 When it\u2019s ready to vaporize, the red light will turn green \u00a0indicating that it\u2019s reached the selected temperature.\u00a0Inhale long and continuously, but not very fast.\u00a0 If \u00a0 you inhale too fast, you\u2019ll burn yourself, \u00a0but if you puff slowly but continuously, you\u2019ll enjoy a great amount of vapor and taste. The system automatically shuts off every 3-4 min \u00a0when it starts overheating, thus preventing the resistance from burning and rendering our vaporizer useless. If it turns off, just have to turn it on again in a few seconds. Once there\u2019s no more vapour,\u00a0 replace the weed.It\u2019s best to wait until the vaporizer cools down , so there\u2019s no risk of burning with the bowl. Once you\u2019re done, clean it with the brush to leave it ready for a new use. The vaporizer includes a USB charger , a wall charger with American plug (an adapter is needed),\u00a0 a pot and Bush seeds, \u00a0a Snoop Dogg tray to grind your marijuana, \u00a02 long mouthpieces \u00a0for High temperatures,\u00a0 3 short mouthpieces \u00a0for low temperatures,\u00a0 spare screens , a\u00a0 cleaning brush \u00a0and a link to\u00a0 download Snoop Dogg\u2019s new CB, \"Bush\". Simple vaporizer \u00a0with which you can begin to discover the vaping world and enjoy the\u00a0 taste of extractions. \u00a0If you\u2019re a \u00a0smoker who needs more vapour, \u00a0you should\u00a0 get a better device.

","description_short":" Introducing the Snoop Dogg BUSH Series. Grenco Science is pleased to announce its newest venture with collaborative partner and entertainment icon, Snoop Dogg. In celebration of today’s release of Snoop’s new album, BUSH , Grenco Science proudly unveils the Snoop Dogg BUSH G Pro Vaporizer and G Slim for Ground Material. The G Pro Vaporizer comes with a digital download of BUSH , making it the first release of its kind, bundling music with a vaporizer set. The BUSH Series combines the industry-leading functionality Grenco Science products are known for with the lively, flourishing garden imagery inspired by Snoop Dogg’s BUSH album artwork. “The BUSH collection takes the vaporizer game to a whole different level,” said Snoop. “Now, my fans can have something to vibe and groove to while listening to my new album.” The BUSH G Pro Vaporizer is packaged with a fully functional flowerpot, with accompanying organic ‘bush’ seeds, ready to plant. For the first time ever, each G Pro package will include a download card to redeem Snoop’s new album. Founded on the principles of performance and user-preference, the G Pro Vaporizer features three variable temperature settings, enabling a uniquely tailored vaping experience. The G Slim for Ground Material offers the beloved style and discretion of Grenco products in a sleek and affordable, ultra-portable model. It’s natural to strive for better; some would even say it’s healthy. The desire for the finer things in life is the reason anyone gets to where they want to be. Where bongs are concerned, one of those finer things is the Ice Bong. A significant upgrade from its standard predecessor, the Ice Bong is the next stage in the smoking evolutionary process. Many who try an Ice Bong for the first time swear by them, and rarely go back to traditional bongs. It is because of this almost fanaticism surrounding the Ice Bong that we decided to dedicate an article to it. After you read this, we’re almost certain you’re going to want to try one out! Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce to you, the Ice Bong! It’s incredibly simple to explain - An ice bong is no different from a regular bong only it has been modified to incorporate ice cubes into its chamber. In exactly the same way you would add ice to a drink to cool it; ice is added all the way up to the mouthpiece (depending on how you like it) to reduce the temperature of the smoke, giving you a much cooler hit. This could be the smoothest hit you will ever have in your life. Water is still added to the bong for filtration and to help create a vacuum effect for you to get a proper hit from your herb. The water is there to ensure you are still getting a filtered and full flavored hit. The ice is merely added to take the edge off the harshness of the smoke on your throat and cool that smoke waaaaaaay down. Which essentially means you can let rip and take a huge hit comfortably without ever having to worry about hurting your throat. The 16" Grav Labs Beaker bong comes with Ice Notches on the stem.

This is by far the most appealing aspect of the Ice Bong and explains why it is so vastly popular in the smoking community. Quite commonly, an Ice Bong will have small rivets along its neck so that ice will be able to comfortably lodge itself in the neck of the bong. After a certain length of time, the ice will melt causing it to fall down the neck of the bong into the water. This will then reduce the temperature of the water as further insurance that you get a cool hit every time. Some more inventive users have even been known to put the bong itself into the fridge or freezer to cool the glass before taking a hit. While we don’t advise this, if you chose to do so, please exercise caution.

Make sure you don’t put the bowl in the fridge or freezer with the rest of the bong. The added heat from our lighter will cause the frozen bowl to crack due to the drastic change in temperature. There are a lot of fantastic Ice Bongs to choose from our site but here are just a couple we think you might be able to get a lot value from.


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