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But, is it worth spending your hard-earned money on these skins? Check out this review to learn more about Juicy Jay’s quality, selection, and other important attributes. Juicy Jay’s Rolling Papers: The Juiciest Review Ever. How Juicy Jay’s Differs from Other Flavored Papers. While Juicy Jay’s is one of many flavored paper brands for cannabis lovers, it sets itself apart from the competition in several ways.

Firstly, Juicy Jay’s describes itself as “fully-flavored,” which means the entire paper is flavored rather than just the gum strips, unlike many of its competitors. As a result, their paper excites not only the taste buds on the tongue but also taste buds underneath the tongue, on the roof of the mouth, and on the lips. The mouthwatering flavor of a Juicy Jay’s paper is left on your lips after the smoke. The fruity skins really taste like fresh fruit too. There is also menthol, candy, and liquor-inspired flavors. Juicy Jay flavors are not overpowering either; instead, Juicy Jay’s papers complement the natural flavors of the marijuana inside the joint. The taste downplays any harsh flavor within the herbs for a smooth smoke. This experience is achieved through Juicy Jay’s original “triple dipped” flavoring system.

The method is designed to safely infuse the whole paper with yummy flavors, such as green apple, blackberry, or banana. The paper is dipped three times and soaked in the flavor for more than a week to infuse it completely for a tasty experience when you smoke it. As a result, you get three times the flavor of any other skins available in 2020. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers, Rolls and Pre-Rolled Cones @ Amazon.com. Another difference you will notice when you buy Juicy Jay’s brand is that their papers are printed with the images of the corresponding flavor on them; for example, the raspberry rolling papers feature raspberries all over them. Lastly, the papers are made of hemp and use natural sugar gum. In other words, they are all natural, which is great to know if you are an environmentally-conscious cannabis devotee. brand and part of Rolling Supreme, which is a leader in RYO products. The Juicy Jay’s name comes from the founder’s nickname in the late 1980s. Picture a group of friends hanging out in New York City and riding in a Mustang GT. After one particular day spent cruising Farmers Boulevard in Queens with the top down and looking for their hero, singer LL Cool Jay, the car’s owner earned the moniker “Cool Jay”. Fast forward about ten years, when Cool Jay was looking for a name for his new menthol papers. Then came the Watermelon Flavor, which he called Juicy Jay’s Watermelon as an ode to his long-time nickname. The name Juicy Jay’s stuck and many more flavors were given this same name. In 2020, Juicy Jay’s has become one of the best-known brands in the flavored rolling paper industry. The papers are made in Spain and are smoked around the globe. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Papers on Amazon – More Than 30 Flavors! Juicy Jay’s has more than 30 flavors for the RYO devotee. If you love sweets, satisfy your craving in a new way with the Juicy Jay’s Liquorice, Few varieties of Chocolate, or Birthday Cake rolling papers. Or, if you want a fruit flavor instead, try the classic Coconut, Grape, Blueberry, Mango, or Watermelon varieties. For mint lovers, Greenleaf might become your go-to rolling paper to buy online.

There are alcohol-inspired skins too, such as Jamaican Rum and Root Beer. And these aren’t even all of the Juicy Jay flavors! The papers don’t have the bleach and chemicals of some other brands, so you needn’t worry about what you’re inhaling. Also, the hemp material makes for a gentler smoke – both on the lungs and throat – than joints full of chemicals from some competitors. As for the printing on the paper, it is done with soy-based ink. The paper has a special watermark that prevents running, which eliminates any possible concerns regarding consuming the ink.

Overall, Juicy Jay’s rolling papers burn slowly and evenly for a pleasant smoking session. Juicy Jay’s Flavored Rolling Papers Sampler Kit (King Size Slim) Juicy Jay’s Taste and Aroma. Whichever Juicy Jay’s flavor you choose, they taste and smell like the fruit or other selected flavor in the pack. While you expect the flavoring element, the matching scent is a nice addition by the brand and provides a well-rounded smoking experience. Many customers also appreciate their flavored sampler kits that allow smokers to try out the different tastes without having to buy five different packs, which can get expensive.


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