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There are other Killadelph triple coils, true… However, this one is truly a UNICORN. Normal Killadelph coils use clear with the customary black tubing and scope theme. Instead this weapon features transparent black glass throughout. You know, no other Killadelph triple coil comes with an ash catcher, but this piece comes with not only an ordinary pipe protector, but a custom ash catcher with a faceted marble! Matching jars, a grinder, and hot hit wand set are also included with this piece, all encased in a custom cut Explorer rolling hard case.

Your new Killadleph will have nicer luggage than you do! Get in the Killadelph game by shopping The Illadelph Vault today! Product Features: Triple Coil Beaker: 50x5mm Thick Glass Tubing 19/22mm Extra Heavy Wall Joint Detachable Freezable Gel Triple Coil Included Extra Thick 14/20mm Signature Multi Hole Bowl and Hot Hit Bowl Included Matching K-Clip for Securing the Removable Downstem. Showerhead Disc Ash Catcher: Fixed Downstem for 19mm Joints Removable 18mm Showerhead Disc with Extra Thick Joint Upstem Design to Help Maintain Ash Catcher Water Level Color matching K-Clip to Secure Removable Downstem Large White Scope Facet. It Also Comes With: 2 Black Matte Scope Jars (one mini and one full size) A Gigantic 4 Piece Santa Cruz Shredder A Steel Illadelph Dabber with Removable Lid 2 Clear Glass Matte Scoped Wands with Stand All Packed into a Massive Explorer Case for Easy Transport Everything Handmade From Start to Finish in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Product Specs: Triple Coil Beaker: Glass Color: Matte Black, Gloss Black, Trans Black, and Clear. Slide Type: Extra Thick Signature Multi Hole Slide and Hot Hit Slide. 24” Showerhead Disc Ash Catcher: Perc Type: Showerhead Disc Perc. Production Series: Killadelph – Custom Triple Coil Beaker with Collin’s Pyramid Perc and Matching Showerhead Ash Catcher.

Illadelph Glass is Proudly Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. This Killadelph Triple Coil is the king of all Illadelphs. The base is an hourglass recycler, which will pull water up from the Collins diffuser and then into the internal recycler. From there, smoke is brought up and chilled in the TRIPLE glycerin coils. This pipe features beautiful white sections and tons of Killadelph scopes providing you with an amazing water pipe. Killadelph Hour Glass Triple Freeze Coil - White Features: Height: 20" 14mm female joint. Due to the nature of our product we do not accept returns. However, If you do receive a product with a defect please contact our live chat during regular business hours, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm EST or contact us vial email by filling out our contact form If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order. Please bear with us while we move over to a new website. The future is upon us, and the future is Juju Joints . Well… perhaps not the end all future, but certainly a product that could have only arisen from a futuristic era. A Juju Joint, infused by Liberty Reach , is essentially a tiny vaporizer pre-charged with Co2 cannabis oil (.2 grams to be exact). It’s measured out to equal about 150 hits per Juju Joint. Here’s a little history about the creation of the product, from Juju Joint’s website: Developed by Marcus Charles (club owner and concert promoter) and Rick Stevens (innovator, creator, pioneer), this endeavor is a natural progression for two men who know a little something about good and bad juju. Yes, this is indeed the natural progression of the recreational industry – convenience, portability, and discreet usage just like products that Magnolia Wellness offer. It’s a winning combo, and I’m stoked that these pioneers are at the forefront. A pack of Juju Joints at SODO recreational marijuana shop Ganja Goddess for example, costs around $75. Each burst of delicious oil vapor is measured to release every 3.5 seconds of inhaling (i.e. a “hit” is around 4 seconds long); inhale for longer and you’ll use up several hits in one. The cannabis oil was OG Skywalker , and it tasted like a piney-lemon-sicle. This author partook in the e-joint at many a local. The thing that really shines about Liberty Reach’s infused juju joint is the ability to hit it anywhere. It’s an on-the-go solution, it’s user friendly, and it looks like a regular e-cig. Let’s make one thing clear – High Above Seattle is not telling you to smoke in public because that is illegal… but, we’re just pointing out the fundamental feature of portability.

Getting high with the Juju Joint depends upon which strain the cannabis oil is made from, but I’d generally recommend it to those with low tolerances and new-comers (atleast the strain we had). It’s best enjoyed as the “first smoke of the day” (if you will). Many casual users only smoke once a day, but if you are like this author – you have a high tolerance. I found that if I’d been smoking earlier, the effects of the Juju Joint seemed less strong, kind of on the back burner. But such is the natural effect of the first smoke of the day vs. The high when in full effect was heady and euphoric, the kind that makes you forget the very words you are speaking. Concentrates are pretty much the alpha of cannabis, and Juju Joints fully deliver a powerful feeling.

Liberty Reach knocked it out of the park with this simple, sleek and potent product. Juju Joints can be found at your local recreational marijuana shop. This one was purchased at the beloved Ganja Goddess in SODO for $75 including tax. At a recent Seahawks football game in Seattle, Shy Sadis, 41, took a drag on a slim vapor pen that looked like a jet black Marlboro. Instead, it held 250 milligrams of cannabis oil loaded with THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.


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