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- Use Coupon Code "Xmas"To get 10% Off at Checkout - Coupon Code: Xmas. This titanium nail is made from GR2 titanium to ensure safety and durability. LEARN MORE ABOUT TITANIUM TIPS FOR NECTAR COLLECTORS. Just like any titanium dab nail , titanium, for its unique ability to heat up really fast and it's durability , the earlier designed nectar collectors used a titanium tip . Could potentially get overheated for first time users.

Overheated titanium tip could affect the taste of your concentrates. Overheated titanium nail will burn your cannabis concentrates. TIPS FOR USING A TITANIUM TIP ON NECTAR COLLECTORS: Don't overheat! The tip of a home use butane torch flame could reach temperatures as high as 1500°F, some new dabbers could easily overheat the titanium nail making it red hot, bury in mind that almost 99 percent of the cannabis concentrates on the market right now will vaporize at around 300°F. The manufacturing process could potentially leave some titanium residues on the tip, so it's for the best to season the titanium tip before use. The process for seasoning is quite simple, use a plier to hold the titanium tip and then use your butane torch to heat the tip red hot, put it into a bowl of water to chill it, repeat the process for a few times, all the titanium residues should be gone.

During the seasoning process, you can also observe if the color of the titanium had turned colorful if the color of your tip doesn't change(or turned charred black), you've probably purchased a fake titanium tip, don't use any metallic tip that isn't made from GR2 titanium. This kit allows the user to have full control over how much they intake every time. 1 x 10mm Titanium Nail 1 x 10mm Quartz Nail 1 x Glass Dabber Dish 1 x Mini Glass Body 1 x Retaining clip 1 x Gift box Category: Dab Rigs, Nectar Collectors, Enails&Dab Pens Sub-Category: Mini Dab Rigs,Glass Dab Rigs,Portable Dab Rigs,Cheap Dab Rigs. * Concentrates Simplified * The Nectar Collector Style Honey Straw is the new way to vape concentrates. * No Dabbers, Domes or Nails needed * Heat the tip, dip into concentrate in the glass dish (that is included). Since it is water filtered it has the smoothest concentrate hit there is, not harsh like a traditional nail so you can take a huge hit. If you like that hard hit can also be used without filling with water. * Convenient, Portable and Spill Proof.* Step1: Put wax on a dish. Step4: Smoke being filtered in the middle glass piece. Learn More About Honey Nectar Collector On Puffing Bird Wiki. We've covered some of the basis of what's a nectar collector on our last 2 blogs, we talked about advantages of using a nectar collector and the difference between a dab rig and a nectar collector, on today's Dabbing 101 Series we'll dive a bit deeper, explaining how to use a nectar collector , as usual, we'll break down the essentials and try to include as many details as we can. You can choose any cannabis concentrate to dab with a nectar collector or dab straw ! But never put too much on the quartz dish, you would want to put enough for one dab at a time, trying to get the cannabis concentrates out of the quartz dish and back to your concentrate jar can be a pain in the ass. For me personally, I prefer dabbing oil other than wax or rosin. A few drops of oil on the quartz dish creates a very thin layer of concentrates for me to move the quartz tip or titanium tip around the dish, sucking up everything that's in it and won't waste a drop of my delicious concentrate. Some dabbers prefer to dab straight from the jar that comes with the cannabis concentrates when they purchased it. Most of the time it's ok but be aware of the material that the jar is made from, you don't want to dab straight from a plastic jar, the high temperature of the nectar collector tip could easily melt the plastic and generating some nasty fume that's very harmful to your throat and lungs. If the jars are made from food-grade silicone, it'll be ok to dab with them since they are very tolerant of heat. Just like any dab rig or water pipe(bongs), the nectar collectors will need water to for filtration and cooling down the temperature of the vapor. Bury in mind that not all the nectar collector sets are designed to have filtration features , like the 14mm silicone nectar collector , for example, the body of the set features a straw-like tube that will not provide any filtration, it's the best when you're doing low-temperature dabs. For the 10mm mini nectar collector kit, it features a mini recycler filtration system which you can add a fair amount of water in it for doing high-temperature dabs , we recommend filling the tube up to 1/4 of the total length of the body. Since the design is unspillable you don't need to worry about water getting into your mouth when you are using the set. Connect The Quartz Tip/Titanium Tip And The Mouthpiece To The Body. The 10mm mini nectar collector kit comes with two heating tips, the quartz one and the titanium one , as the name implies, the joint size of these tips are both 10mm male tips. Comparing to the titanium tip, the quartz does provide a "purer" taste when it comes to dabbing , but the downside is the quartz tip takes longer to heat than the titanium tip, but not by much. So using a titanium tip or quartz tip to dab is entirely up to your personal choice. Just like the water filtration we talked about above, not all the nectar collectors come with a detachable mouthpiece , like the 14mm silicone nectar collector, the mouthpiece is built into the overall design.

After putting the tip and mouthpiece together with the body, you'll need to secure them with a set of clips . T his step is crucial when it comes to safety , remember, the temperature of your quartz/titanium tip can reach as high as 700°F when heating with a butane torch, if the tip is not secured and it drops on your lap or your hand, you're going to have a very bad day. These clips are specially designed to withstand a large amount of heat so don't worry about clips melting in front of you. On this step, you'll need to get the tip of your nectar collector heated up to your desired temperature for dabs. The most common way of heating the tip is using a butane torch, just like when you're using the butane torch to heat the quartz banger on a dab rig , try to move the flame of the torch all around the quartz/titanium tip. Pointing the flame directly on one single spot will heat the tip to a hazardous level, you could burn your cannabis concentrate very quickly, not to mention the high temperature could also create little cracks in your glass nectar collector, making it fragile and dangerous to use(might explode).

How do I know when the nectar collector is hot enough for dabs? Just like when you're using a dab rig for dabs, curled your palm a little bit, putting it a fist away from the tip/nail, if you can feel the heat radiating from the nail/tip, your nectar collector is ready for dabs ! You don't need that much heat to vaporize the cannabis concentrates, a red-hot tip could burn your wax, rosin, shatter, oil at a blink of an eye, making them horrible to taste . Once you finished heating the nail/tip , place it gently on the quartz dish or other heat tolerant container containing your cannabis concentrates, use your mouth to inhale through the mouthpiece.


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