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Swiss percolators are occasionally paired with other percolators to double the filtration technique. Notable glassblower Nate Dizzle, sometime in the late 2000’s, was on an epic quest for the perfect percolator. He wanted it to be a perfect balance of style and function. Which means, it had to look great but also deliver premium filtration.

During the prototype process, he compressed the main chamber. This meant there would be limited room for air to get “caught” and go stale. And it also allowed for low-drag smoke that looked fantastic. Crafting Swiss percolators requires a very specific procedure. And it’s generally pretty different from the making of most other percolators. To make Swiss percolators, the lamp workers have to blow two plates of glass and then fuse them into one. Using a torch, they puncture holes in the glass during the fusion of the plates. At first glance, Swiss percolators appear very fragile and delicate. But the truth is, they’re extremely well crafted and usually made of thick, durable glass.

Swiss percolators are installed in the tube of the bong. And essentially, this means that the water and its levels are critical to the functioning of the percolator. The best way to get a perfect hit with a Swiss percolator is to fill the water about a third of the way through the percolator’s main chamber. If you’re seeing the water diffuse to the top of the chamber, and no splashback is occurring, you’ve gotten the ideal water level. And if you’re experiencing splashback, try pouring some water out. A lot of smokers select Swiss percolators because of their excellent filtration. Bongs that are made with Swiss percs usually have very low drag. And this means that it takes a lot less lungpower and energy to clear the pipe. When a Swiss percolator’s paired with another, more traditional percolator, it eliminates the bubbles created by the other piece. And when it’s combined with another percolator, it enhances the experience. Admittedly, cleaning a Swiss percolator can be kind of tricky. And that’s because the longer you wait, the more demanding the cleaning will become. Res gel is an indispensable tool when it comes to cleaning glass pipes of any kind. Using all-natural, clay-based ingredients, it quickly removes any kind of dirt or resin buildup gentler than abrasive cleaners. And it also eliminates the risk of breaking your bong by cleaning it with elbow grease and excessive handling. Swiss percolators are just one of the many percolators you can find in top-shelf bongs and pipes. It serves a very specific purpose and is beloved by many of the most devout smokers. The bong has come a long way throughout its smoky history. From ice catchers to ash catchers, percolators to coils, we continue discovering new ways to create smoother smoke. And Swiss percolators are just one of the many components that have contributed to its glorious evolution. Swiss Cheese with 0% fat – the holes make the taste! Handmade glass bubbler Swiss Cheese for smoking oil and concentrates. The small oil pipe has a so-called Swiss Percolator named after its resemblance to the delicious cheese. The Swiss Perc delivers one-of-a-kind natural filtration.

The holes of this perc act as a barrier which forces the smoke and water to move around, generating more bubbles and gently cooling the smoke. This is especially important for dabbing as the more potent vapor of concentrates can be absorbed optimally from the lungs. Made of borosilicate glass, with small feet for greater stability and an oil nail and splash guard. Material: Borosilicate Glass Color: Clear Height: 175mm = 17,5cm Grind: SG 14F (14,5mm female) Yes, its a Oil Percolator Bong Pipe!

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