heavy glass pipe

Flash Sale! Get a Heavy Glass Hand Pipe for Just $5 from Me Time Box!

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Get a premium, unique, hand blown glass pipe for $5. No Strings Attached. No subscriptions. No high pressure sales.

Perfect for yourself or a gift for a friend/loved one!

Each pipe will be picked at random, but will be double or triple blown, with a minimum size of 3 inches to a maximum size of 5 inches! The premium glass pipe will be sent fast and discreetly.

We hope you love it.

*pipe color, shape and design may vary from the picture based on current inventory.

About our Premium Glass Pipes

Holding up one of our premium glass pipes to the light reveals more than master craftsmanship. Hidden within these artisan collectibles is centuries worth of culture and imagination for glass pipes. It is easy to get lost in the unique designs and precise cutting that makes these durable lifetime companions such exceptional tools for smoking. For any experience to reach a perfect climax, a number of factors must be aligned just right, and your glass hand pipe is no exception.

When sharing your thick glass hand pipe with friends, expect fun comments about its design and about how smooth and the freshness of the smoke it provides. The perfectly curved bowl makes packing the thick glass pipe easy, for an efficient smoke that preserves your wallet.

You will see the carb on the side of the bowl that your finger will be able to use for a comfortably controlled smoke session. These perfectly balanced glass pipes store safely so that you know it will be waiting for the next time you need it to help you enjoy life, every day.

Yep. It's true. We have a blowout sale on our glass hand pipes! Get a unique glass hand pipes delivered fast, discreet and cheap. Less than 30 units left!