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To get it, you need to complete the Lost Relic quest! Just like the previous entry, the Champion’s Cudgel doesn’t have the greatest base damage but its strengths lie in its enchantment. It provides the wielder with a 50% chance of dealing 25 damage per swing. Oh, but this isn’t just a flat 25 damage, it’s 25 of each element (Fire, Frost and Shock). As you can see, such an enchantment is very powerful.

With a unique model that looks awesome, I completely understand if this is your favourite new toy! (Spoiler) How to obtain : Sorry if you don’t have any DLC content but this item is available with the Dragonborn add-on. You get it by defeating General Falx Carius and looting his corpse. Daedric items are arguably the most extraordinary items in the entirety of the Elder Scrolls series. They provide the player with a completely bad-ass appearance, while also providing great combat stats. (Spoiler) How to obtain : The player must reach at least level 44 for it to start appearing in shops or as loot. Even then, this is extremely rare, you’re better off smithing one. The Daedric Warhammer has the highest base damage of any warhammer in the base game (no DLC)! Perhaps the ugliest warhammer to ever exist, the Dragonbone variant has the highest base damage of any weapon in the entire game, including DLC.

But lets be honest, who would be seen in Whiterun, or anyhere for that matter, wielding this monstrosity? (Spoiler) How to obtain : This weapon is surprisingly difficult to obtain, you must be a high level and loot it from one of the keepers of the Soul Cairn. All of this is only available with the Dawnguard DLC. Longhammer is an awesome warhammer, it has the fastest attack speed out of any in the game, which couples well with a decent enchantment. This potentially makes it by far the best warhammer in the game, it lacks the burst of others but the consistent damage is unrivaled. It is unique although it has the model of an Orcish Warhammer. (Spoiler) How to obtain : Simple enough, clear out Liar’s Retreat, a cave located south-west of Solitude. It’ll be found at the end, next to the body of Rahd. Good base damage, good attack speed and a powerful enchantment. Volendrung is also a Daedric Artifact and as such, it has an incredible appearance. It also has a powerful enchantment which steals 50 Stamina per hit, this is not a drain, you get the stamina yourself. Laugh as you power attack your way through hordes of enemies! Rejoice in self-awesomeness as you strike fear into the hearts of all those around you! (Spoiler) How to obtain : Complete the quest The Cursed Tribe, available via Malacath’s Shrine. Overview: As the global leader in the custom rolling paper printing space we dedicate all our efforts to providing our valued customers with an excellent product. When your business is working with our business expect quality. Capabilities: Printing custom pre-rolls and papers for large dispensaries, chains, and brand owners. Specifics: Printing on any paper; hemp, rice, pulp with varied gsm thickness. CSPC lab safety consumer testing reports, toxicity screenings Rolling Papers, Cones & Pre-rolls Totally Custom Packaging In house design team to assist in editing or creating anything you might need. Requirements : Rolling papers with packs Bulk Cones with no packaging Our Box of 24 Pack 10 Papers in each pack Rolling Papers Only. Templates provided by us Artwork required or pay a design fee. Custom Luxury Rolling Papers Requirements: Custom Printed Rolling Paper & Printed Booklet (Free Shipping) *THERE IS NO MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD THAT CAN DO THIS* This purchase is for custom printed rolling papers with printed booklets, printed display boxes and with crutches. Printing on paper is up to 4 color print, repeat pattern or border cut design and full color on booklet and display box with FREE shipping via Fedex IE.

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