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The best head shops in NYC

Looking for bongs, pipes, vapes and other smoking paraphernalia? Just hit up a great head shop in NYC.

It’s not hard to find a head shop in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, but these are the six best options, offering everything from rare, cutting-edge bongs to glass pipes. You’ll find vapes and other various paraphernalia, along with the usual cigar-and-cigarette inventory offered at smoke shops. Venture to one of these six destinations to stock up before chilling out at a hookah bar.

Find the best head shop in New York

Blue Nile

Look for the deep blue awning on Bleecker Street and venture inside to scope out high-end paraphernalia from brand names like Sheldon Black, Medicali and JBD. The clerks are reputably knowledgeable and can service all your tricked-out pieces and one-of-a-kind accessory needs. Make sure to ask about Illadelph Glass products—they’re beautifully crafted and come in many different iterations.

Looking for some new smoking paraphernalia? Check out a head shop in NYC for cutting-edge bongs, hookah tobacco, pipes, vape pens and much more.

I visited NYC’s new luxury head shop that sells upscale cannabis products like $125 mini-bongs and a $450 lighter. It was a firsthand look at how dramatically weed culture is changing.

As more and more US states legalize recreational marijuana use, brands are responding by selling pricey, luxury and design-oriented cannabis products, marking a profound shift in traditional “stoner culture,” Lane Florsheim recently reported for The Wall Street Journal.

“People are using cannabis in ways aside from, let’s get high and party,” Ariel Zimman, founder of Portland-based marijuana accessories company Stonedware, told The Journal. “It’s not counter-culture anymore.”

This spring, upscale department store Barneys New York launched a “luxury cannabis lifestyle shop” called “The High End” in its Los Angeles location, where it sells products like a sterling silver pipe for $1,345, a $630 vape pen, a $920 ashtray, and 24 karat gold rolling papers.

And in New York City, accessories brand Edie Parker has launched an upscale cannabis accessories line called Flower in its Madison Avenue shop, selling products like $125 mini-bongs, $95 whimsical fruit-shaped pipes, and a $450 tabletop lighter.

While recreational marijuana use is not yet legal in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo said last year that legalizing marijuana is one of his top legislative priorities for 2019. And attitudes to the drug are changing swiftly. Baby boomers who previously demonized marijuana use are now lighting up, often for help with sleep and mental health. And a CBD craze has taken hold across the country, with sellers touting wellness benefits and Wall Street expecting sales of the cannabis compound to be a $16 billion industry by 2025.

I recently took a tour of Edie Parker’s Flower to get a look at the products. Here’s what it’s like inside the new upscale head shop.

Edie Parker is now selling upscale cannabis products like $125 mini-bongs, $115 hand-blown glass pipes shaped like fruit, and a $450 tabletop lighter. ]]>