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8 Simple Ways HerbsNOW is Superior for Drying Weed. Choose The HerbsNOW Package You Need for Maximum Drying. each tray can hold 1.25 oz (dried) and it comes with 6 and more can be purchased. I was indeed skeptical when I first got it, but looking over IG and others that have been using it It seemed like a good deal. I haven’t paid for any testing since i’m in prohibition land.

but on IG Growweedeasy has done and paid for 2 separate tests showing side by side the terpene profile between hang dry and herb dryer. the herb dryer does 100% preserve the terpenes and flavors of the flower. I grew 2 harvests before and even posted to DGC(Dude grows Podcast) last year asking about “Why does my flower taste bad” I thought i just couldn’t grow good weed… WRONG… I couldn’t dry it right. After getting the dryer a few months ago I have used it 3 times and one of those times was to dry bubble hash. I was able to put the dryer on a shelf in my closet and push a button its time to get drying and within 4 days I had smokable flower. It does seem to get REALLY dry for those who are new to this, but fear not! just do as Scott instructs and wait until the stems snap or the buds fall off the stems easily and then place into cure jar.

after about 2 or 3 days the RH will go back up to about 52-55%. So end this with hands down the best investment towards my grow. I can now have my medicine quicker and dried better than the traditional method. I had first learned about the product from www.growweedeasy.com and at nebula hazes Instagram. So I asked around and found someone who had one that was willing to let me use it to try. I know there are contractors out there who say it’s drying too fast it’s going to be harsh blah blah blah well I have used it three times now and do not have a single complaint neither do any of the people I provide for they said if I wouldn’t of told them they still wouldn’t have known it is not harsh it did not lose any potency. well it works great i can't believe it but it works i will never hang again much love to you all. It actually arrived faster than I expected great delivery service. Once I got my dryer washed up I wasted no time packing it up..90hrs to go.. Honestly, I was very skeptical when it came to this dryer. Everything I've ever read about drying told me this shouldn't work. I did two drys; each lasting 3 days with 70° ambient temps. The unit was quiet, unobtrusive and was *very* user friendly. I would have liked a dry over 4 days, but the herb was *crispy* dry in 3. The smell was still there and was even more noticeable once grinded. The taste was very apparent and it burned/vaped very evenly. It does everything as stated and was much more enjoyable to use than having to hang dry or use dry racks while managing airflow and temp all while worrying about mold. Since using this product, I have greatly reduced my dry time. The quality has improved for myself and the happiness of my clients. This is by far the best stress reducer when it comes to drying my weed in a timely manner.

Checked after four days it was close left one more day it was great. Before I got the unit it took a month to dry in my room. My medical cannabis came out smelling and looking great. It was a big relief not having that hay or mold smell in my product! Check out our User Reviews page for Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook reviews.

The outdated methods for drying weed can’t deliver the consistent results that a grower like you needs. That’s why the HerbsNOW cannabis dryer was created. HerbsNOW delivers a way to dry weed fast with high-quality results that preserve taste, aromatics, and THC levels. All while taking up minimal space and providing you with perfectly dried marijuana in less than a week. PLEASE NOTE : ALL FREE SHRED DAYS HAVE A LIMIT OF 100 LBS OF FREE SHREDDING: CHARGES MAY APPLY FOR ADDITIONAL WEIGHT.


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