halogen bulb vaporizer

Halogen bulb vaporizer

Hey I actually haven’t had the chance to try the Aromed! I probably should pick one of those up for the Vape Museum though 😎

Halogen bulbs are pretty sweet heating elements for MJ, but they do seem harder to work with and control because I’ve been having a little trouble getting it to work. I’m gonna keep experimenting though and see if I can come up with anything.

Very glad you dig the streams and thanks for your support!

Aromed is old technology in my opinion.
There are much better halogen powered options out there these days!
Herbalizer is most likely the best halogen vape that is well known.
DIY is also a viable alternative as shown here:

Your other options are from Finland with the Venus line that has both desktop and portable halogen vapes:

if you can pick up a cheap Aromed, go for it otherwise look into more modern offerings!

Hey Bud,I was looking at reviews of the Aromed vaporizer which looks like a pretty awesome halogen bulb vape. I was just wondering if you've tried it and what you think. Livestreams are awesome,thanks for all the info and advise,hope you come up with a cool new vape of your own.Best of luck! ]]>