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As we mentioned, this isn’t the smartest way to burn down, but it will do if you have absolutely nothing else from which to smoke. Honestly, you’d be better off scrounging through the garbage for an old piece of fruit or a pop can. But if you find yourself lost in the wilderness with nothing but a bag of Blue Dream and a lighter, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Now that you know the best way to smoke weed, make sure you’re only consuming organic marijuana, as this is the best way to ensure a high-quality smoking experience.

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Due to Covid-19 and a sudden drop to 20% of international freight flights. Globally shipping has been delayed for many online retailers. All orders are shipped from our facilities within 24 hours, however due to the constantly evolving Covid-19 situation, some orders may be subject to additional delays. These are currently reported to be an absolute maximum of 65 days across all networks, however we are pleased to say that the majority of our orders are being delivered well within this timeframe. All orders over $80 will be packed in our famous luxury 'For The Sun Lovers box'. For more details about our shipping we advise you to check our updated delivery times due to covid-19 find out more here > American Swiss. A sterling silver and 9ct pink gold twin set featuring a 0.5ct moissanite in a halo setting. Please note - these prices are only available on product already in-store. Welcome to our online ordering service, please provide your details below to complete your order. If you have selected to pay via credit card, you will receive a secure payment link via email shortly. If you selected to pay via EFT, Our bank details for your payment are as follows: FNB Branch number: 204109 Account number: 62015513262. A fritted disc is sintered glass particles forming a solid but porous body of glass in a disc shape. A glass fritted disc allows gas or liquid to pass through while filtering or trapping solid particles. A fritted glass disc or fritted filter is typically incorporated into glassware items such as fritted glass funnels, fritted glass crucibles, and other laboratory glass items. When a fritted disc is submerged in liquid, the fritted glass filter maximizes surface area contact of the gas to the liquid by breaking the gas into millions of tiny bubbles. Any solid particles or unwanted gaseous components are absorbed into the liquid for a purer, cleaner gas. While fritted discs are used for a variety of scientific applications, only one company, Rooster Apparatus by David Goldstein, has a patent pending on fritted disc percolators for personal smoking and vaping apparatuses. Learn about Dave Goldstein fritted disc percolators below. The 13″ Fritted Disc Tube by Rooster Apparatus, the brainchild of David Goldstein, is all American ingenuity crafted in Oregon. Standing at thirteen inches on a hex footed base, it’s a very user. The Rooster Apparatus Fritted Disc Vapor Bubbler by David Goldstein is designed with the patent pending fritted disc percolator that we all love. A bent mouthpiece and a hex footed base make this bubbler easy to use in addition to its height at eight and a half. The fritted disc percolator is a type of percolation system for medical smoking apparatuses and tobacco pipes. Fine to coarse glass particles are bonded together into a disc shape (although other formations are possible) which is affixed inside the bottom of a water pipe or water rig. When smoke or vapor is drawn through the fritted disc percolator, the gas is broken up such that the surface area of the smoke or vapor is maximized.

The increased surface area of the smoke or vapor allows the water in the apparatus or pipe to better absorb any impurities or unwanted components in the smoke or vapor. The fritted disc percolator is a patent pending invention of David Goldstein, the founder of Rooster Apparatus. Since bringing the fritted disc percolator to market under Rooster Apparatus, many other glassware companies have infringed upon this patent pending technology and made fritted disc percolating systems of their own. As David Goldstein’s Rooster Apparatus progresses through the patent process, new data on the Rooster Apparatus fritted disc percolator continues to become available.

The 50mm and 65mm Rooster fritted disc remove over 100% more particulates from the smoke and have been shown to actually remove carcinogens from the smoke!! This David Goldstein tube has more than just a fritted disc perc, it has a PALM TREE fritted disc per!


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