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Once you have screwed the adapter onto your cartridge simply slide it into the slot on the Ccell vape battery and it will magnetically snap into place. When you want to remove the used up CCell cartridge pull directly up on the mouthpiece and it will easy slide out. The company behind the revolutionary CCell vape pen ThB207 is Smoore Technology.

Smoore is without a doubt the industry leader in professional vaporizer manufacturing. They have the best facilities that use the latest tech to make top quality vape products such as cartridges and batteries like the Palm and new CCell Silo. They hold nearly 20 patents and are constantly innovating in the vaporizer industry. There are many CCell Palm review options for you to check out. Here on we have a section where customers can leave a CCell Palm review after making their purchase. There are also a number of CCell Palm reviews on Youtube that you can watch. No matter where you look you will find that most people who provide CCell Palm reviews for the THB207 are very happy with the product. The Palm is one of the world’s first Square Vape Batteries therefore many copycats have been created. Check out the table below to lear about all about the technical CCell Palm Specs.

The Kit Includes: -1 x CCELL Palm Battery and Charger. In the vaping world, you have vaporizers; vape and dab pens; batteries and chargers; e-juices and mouthpieces; and storage cases and coil kits. There’s a plethora of vaping products available to suit anyone’s personal preference. One of our favorite products on the market is the buttonless vape pen ; one that you should consider stocking your shelves or e-commerce store with. Gone are the days of fiddling with buttons, vape users, especially those on-the-go, want to simply load and draw. Using a buttonless battery vaporizer is a no-fuss, immediate path to the vape experience. There’s an ongoing debate in the vaping industry – buttonless vaporizer pen vs. For users who don’t mind the following, a manual vape pen is the way to go: Fumbling with a button to turn the vape on and off Holding the button down before each draw Waiting for the vaporizer to heat up Dealing with frequent dab pen battery drain Needing to refill cartridges more frequently. For those wanting a slightly different vaping experience, whether beginners, experienced, or vapers on-the-go, going buttonless is the clear choice. For those unfamiliar, a buttonless vape pen battery , also known as a buttonless vape pen , is a vape pen that has a built-in heating element that is automatically activated and engaged when the user inhales. In comparison to manual vape pens, we believe hands down, that a draw activated vape is the better choice. Here’s why: Offers a seamless user experience Ease of use; load the cartridge and inhale No waiting for the vaporizer to heat up Consume less vape juice, due to higher vape volume Stealthy and discreet in design and portability Automatic shutoff to avoid overheating Longer battery life, allowing for longer vaping periods between charges. Above all, the choice comes down to personal preference. If feasible, trying both may be the wise decision, which will ensure the best possible vaping experience. When it comes to vaping technology and pushing the boundaries of vaping standards, CCell is top rate. By far, the CCell Palm and CCell Silo are two of our favorite vape pens. It’s not up to us to say which is the best auto draw vape pen between the two, but as a wholesaler, we’re sure your customers will enjoy the experience both offer. For vaper’s wanting a hassle-free, quick and easy vaping experience, the CCell’s Palm and Silo auto draw vape pen options are the best around. Similar in size (the Silo is slightly larger) and housed in durable aluminum alloy, both the Palm and Silo are petite, ultra-portable vape batteries, fitting perfectly in the hand. Another factor pushing the CCell vapes above their competitors is the battery life. The Silo boasts a 500 mAh battery that delivers full volume vapor over approximately 200 draws before the next charge.

The Palm delivers up to 250 draws with its 550 mAh battery. Both batteries take less than an hour to charge from empty.

How to use a buttonless vape pen is not a concern when it comes to the Palm and Silo; the 510 magnetic thread cartridge is loaded and vaping can begin immediately, upon the user’s draw. Discreet and compact, stylish and convenient, the powerful Silo and Palm vape batteries are perfect for home or travel use. As a leading supplier of stellar wholesale products, vape accessories , and custom-branding services, the Oji Vape team exists to help you determine the right options for your growing vape business, and provide you with an affordable, varied selection to choose from. Further, we offer custom-branding services to elevate your brand. An existing logo or graphics can be used, or our creative in-house design team can breathe life into your branding vision.


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