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Die Grinder

Slim line, powerful performance – Metabo die grinders

Metabo die grinders can be operated, depending on the model, with mains power, battery packs or compressed air. The mains-powered die grinders are available with a rated input power of 710 watt or alternatively a high-torque variant with 950 watt. The cordless die grinder are part of the large 18 volt cordless class and can be operated with any 18 volt battery pack from Metabo. All air die grinder are equipped with EURO, ARO/Orion and ISO plug-in nipples for all standard connection systems. Metabo die grinders are among the slimmest and most compact machines on the market. The powerful motors of the mains-powered and cordless die grinders offer maximum productivity with high precision for all applications.

Metabo die grinders for any application

Wherever metal constructions are manufactured, a robust die grinder must not be missing. They cut and grind precisely there where other grinders no longer reach. The tools with long grinding spindle are ideally suited for deburring or smoothening of weld seams in hard-to-reach areas. The die grinder GE 710 Compact has a particularly short, compact design for working at inside curves or other narrow spots where every centimetre matters. Some die grinders have a particularly high torque with reduced speed range for powerful grinding with flap wheels. All Metabo die grinders have a precision collet for precise concentricity and a spindle lock (except GE 710 Compact) for simple and fast tool change. For effortless working appropriate flexible shafts can be used.

Safety for man and machine when grinding and cutting

All mains-powered and cordless die grinders have an electronic safety shutdown. The motor is switched off immediately when the tool used jams. This protects user and machine from sudden reverse torque. An integrated overload protection ensures long service life of the motor. The restart protection prevents unintentional start-up of the machine after a power cut to protect the user. The handy and slim design permits safe and low-fatigue handling of the tools in any working position and thus prevents a dangerous loss of control. Die grinders with long grinding spindle have a removable protective rubber cap for comfortable and safe working.

Extensive accessoried for die grinders

A wide range of carbide cutters is offered by Metabo: All application-relevant shapes and toothed gears as well as special cutters for aluminium with a special gearing are available. Metabo also offers mounted points made from aluminium oxide and pink aluminium oxide in the standard shapes. Flap discs with different widths and grits as well as small roughening discs and small cutting discs round off the range of the high-quality tools. Only when the accessory is ideally matched to the machine being used, perfect work results can be achieved. For the cordless die grinders different battery packs and chargers are offered. This permits the use of the cordless die grinders even where there is no wall socket.

Die grinder from Metabo – High-quality, reliable and long-lasting. Learn about professional power tools from Metabo now.

Metal 2Part Grinder

The Bulldog 2part metal grinder carries diamond-shaped teeth for effective shredding and is decorated with an embossed The Bulldog logo.


The Bulldog Metal 2Part Grinder has diamond teeth for a smooth grind and has a stash compartment. The grinder has a matt metal finish with a full size detailed engraved The Bulldog head (copyright) on the lid. This is a new design, clean and bold. The Bulldog Metal 2Part Grinder is 40mm in diameter. It is a lightweight grinder with magnetic closure. Pyramid shaped teeth effortlessly shred and grind your material into the desired texture.

The grinder is not large and thus easy to take along in your pocket. If you rather have another type of grinder, maybe wood or plastic is what you need.

Post a photo of your Metal 2Part Grinder in a funky place tagged with #thebulldogamsterdam, to qualify for a monthly draw of wonderful prizes. We let everybody know via social media, follow us on instagram, facebook and youtube. LinkedIn is also possible.

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The Bulldog Metal 2Part Grinder, accessories, souvenirs, gadgets and merchandise from the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam and the world. ]]>