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G Pen Slim Review: The Best Wax One Hitter Under $20

The G Pen Slim is an incredibly slender and easy pen vaporizer that’s like a one hitter for wax. Turn this thing sideways and it almost disappears so it’s awesome if you want something you can use to vape on the low without raising eyebrows. You can pick one up right now for less than $20 bucks here and if you enjoy wax and want an easy to use vape that’s low maintenance, jump on this. For the full G Pen Slim review, keep reading.

Quick Answer:

The G Pen Slim is very inexpensive, works as a one hitter producing about 3 hits per bowl, features a single button start and it’s very low maintenance. The vapor quality is decent and, for this price, you can’t go wrong with this vape pen.

G Pen Slim Key Features

The G Pen Slim has a few notable features that make it different from other over the counter vaporizers. Here they are:

Built for wax and works more like a dugout or one hitter for wax giving you about 3 hits per bowl

Ceramic atomizer – gives you a pure taste with your wax

Single charge lasts for a while. You can expect about 300 hits from a full charge.

Instant heating so you can turn it on and start vaping right away

What’s in The Kit

The G Slim kit is basic and easy just like the vaporizer itself. You’ll only need three items to begin using it (fortunately they’re included):

Wireless USB Charger

G Slim Tool (for easily loading your wax)

G Pen Slim Discretion

The G Pen Slim is very discreet from a size point of view. When G Pen named this the “slim” they weren’t joking.

It’s about as thick as a number 2 pencil which gives you an idea of how easy it is to hide. I don’t like traveling with any pen vaporizers in my pockets since they have a habit of bending or breaking when you sit down.

However, if you have a jacket pocket or deep pockets on your pants you should be able to put it in without it breaking or bending. Alternatively, you could also get a lanyard and wear it around your neck – but that’s not discreet is it.

G Pen Slim Portability & Vaping Capabilities

The Slim’s built specifically for wax and you can fit only a small amount in each bowl making this a perfect little one hitter for you if you want to take a few hits either around the house or on the go.

The battery life was really good overall. It took be about 3 hours to fully charge the first time and then somewhere between 2-3 each consecutive time. From each charge you’ll get between 250-300 hits if I had to estimate. It lasted me about a week of using it often so, I don’t know the exact number but I got tons of hits.

G Pen Slim Battery Type & Quality

  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Charge Time: About 2-3 hours to charge
  • Charge Duration: Lasts for about 300 hits

Vapor Quality

The Slim’s vapor quality is great for the price and size. I found that drawing for at least 10 seconds gives you the best results and there’s some visible vapor on the exhale. Here’s the thing though, if you’re looking for clouds, you won’t find them in a $20 vaporizer. This thing gets the job done, there’s good flavor and it reliably works.

However, the clouds are not there. You can get some visible vapor from big draws but don’t expect a whole lot. For me this isn’t a big deal because I care about the result more than the cloud and wasn’t expecting much from this unit. But if you are chasing clouds then you should know ahead of time that’s not what this is doing. If you can handle that, it’s a great unit for the money.

Build Quality

There’s very few moving parts to the G Pen Slim. It has three pieces which are the battery, chamber and mouthpiece.

The chamber is replaceable and should last about 4-6 weeks for you on average. Of course if you’re using wax that leaves residue you’ll shorten the lifespan of your chamber. Fortunately, they’re only about $9.95 a piece to replace and you shouldn’t have to do it often.

The outer casing of the Slim has a soft exterior that’s anti-reflective so it doesn’t draw attention. It also doesn’t heat up on the outside so you won’t have any problems holding it during your sessions.

The front has a single button to operate the pen making it as easy as it gets and overall the pen’s durable as long as you don’t accidentally put it in a shallow pocket and sit down.

How to use the G Pen Slim

When you first get your pen, you’ll want to fully charge it (takes about 3 hours) and then run it through a few burn off cycles. Then, to use the G Pen Slim simply click the button on the front five times to turn it on. After you have it on, just press and hold the front button and begin vaping. I recommend you take longer draws to maximize your vapor production.

We reviewed the G Pen Slim to see how it stacks up against other portable wax vaporizers. In this review, we cover the G Pens battery life, discretion, vapor quality and several other things you need to know. We also found the best price on the internet. ]]>