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Lazydaze Counterculture is proud to offer an entire collection of Grav Labs glass for those who have a taste for the finer things. Since 2004, a team of 30 glass blowers has taken Grav Labs from a small company to one of the most respected names in the industry. Grav Labs bongs and Grav Labs glass pipes are produced in Austin, Texas, to the highest standards found in the world of glassware. Helix and STAX are just two of the product lines that are offered by this great brand.

What makes Grav Labs bowls so special? Some say it is the attention to detail that is given to each handcrafted piece. Others say it is innovations like improved airflow. All agree that trying glass from Grav Labs is a life-changing experience for the smoker. Popular products include Grav Labs dab rigs and the Grav Spoon. This company believes that the pursuit of smoking happiness should be a right for all. That belief is expressed in the top-shelf products it creates.

Our selection of Grav Labs pipes, bowls, bongs & dab rigs won’t leave you disappointed. We offer a wide variety of products from the Helix, STAX and Upline collections by Grav Labs!

Grav Labs Authentic Mini Hammer Bubbler – 3 inch 25mm

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Authentic Grav Labs Hammer Bubbler Mini 3″

Very nice Bubbler and water pipe made by Grav Labs.

Yellow, Orange, Blue


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Grav Labs Authentic Mini Hammer Bubbler Water Pipe 3 inch 25mm tubing, high quality. ]]>