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11 Best Helix Pipes in the World Right Now!

The American Helix Grav Labs pipes are a line of one-of-a-kind unique glass pipes made by the impeccable Grav, formerly known as Grav Labs. These pipes are top of the line, complete with the Helix vortex design, which gives the smoke a tornado effect. Harnessing the wonders of physics, the design of the glass is such that it generates the optimum amount, temperature and direction of smoke. We won’t get too scienc-y on y’all, but if you want to learn more, look into Bernoulli’s Equation that calculates the motions of fluids. There are all sorts of youtube videos you can check out to learn the specifics, or, if you just want to check out the awesome tornado effect in action you can check out this video!

The thoughtful design of these beautiful glass pipes might mean the price tags are a bit higher, but we assure you they’re well worth the investment! Start reading our reasons for why in this list of our favourite 11 Helix Pipes in the world right now!

Grav Labs – Helix Steamroller – $49.99

Easy to hold, easy to smoke!

What we love!

  • Small size
  • Smooth, huge rips thanks to the Helix vortex design
  • Low price
  • High-quality construction
  • Best of both worlds between a steamroller and a Helix pipe

Grav Labs – Helix Bubbler Multi-Pack 3-in-1 – $99.99

One, two, three – let’s go!

What we love!

  • The many options the pipe allows
  • Both water and dry pipe
  • Smooth hits thanks to the Helix vortex design
  • High-quality construction

Grav Labs – Helix Beaker – $159.99

She’s more than just beauty, the Helix Beaker Bong will ensure a fantastic smoke!

What we love about these helix bongs!

  • Quality Helix construction
  • Helix vortex design and a showerhead downstem, making for smooth, cool rips
  • Easy to hold
  • Small size

Grav Labs – Helix Chillum Hand Pipe – $24.99

Keep things simple with Grav’s glass chillum.

What we love about these teeny tiny Helix bongs!

  • Small size making for easy portability
  • Classic Helix vortex design
  • Affordable price
  • Quality construction

Grav Labs – Helix Classic – $79.99

Easy to tote and toke!

The classic Helix spoon pipe is the most common Helix pipe. It comes with a rather large bowl and, of course, the three micro-holes that create the tornado effect of smoke with every hit. This piece makes the smoothest hits out of any dry pipe on the market. This Helix pipe has been redesigned quite a few times, enhancing and perfecting the Helix shape and performance each time.

What we love!

  • Great smoking experience
  • Easy to hold
  • Nice, smooth rips thanks to the Helix vortex design
  • Large bowl
  • Quality construction

Grav Labs – Helix Solo Chillum – $39.99

Smoke like a king with the Helix Solo Chillum.

What we love!

  • The small size makes for easy portability and convenience
  • Smooth, huge rips like all Helix pipes
  • High-quality construction out of scientific glass
  • Affordable

Grav Labs – Helix Flare Water Pipe – $159.99

Unique, beautiful and a potent smoke combine in one awesome water pipe here!

What we love!

  • Sturdy construction – high-grade scientific glass
  • Small size without being too small
  • One-hitter bowl and the ability to replace it with a larger one
  • Unbelievably cool and smooth hits

Grav Labs – Helix Nano Banger 3.0 Rig – $199.99

Looking for a pipe that you can dab with, too?

What we love!

  • Brings the dabbing game to the world of Helix
  • Smooth rips cool enough so you can take the largest dabs
  • Sturdy construction – high-grade scientific glass
  • Helix vortex design
  • Incomparable smoking experience

Grav Labs – Helix Bubbler – $87.99

Can’t decide? You can’t go wrong with the classic Helix Bubbler.

What we love!

  • High-quality construction
  • Provides smooth, cool rips
  • Helix shape makes dope tornado vortex design
  • Easy to hold

Thanks to their (admittedly very nerdy) scientific design, Helix pipes are blown in such a way that swirls the smoke in a vortex-like pattern. Enjoying them isn't hard – deciding which to buy first can be though, which is why we've created this list of our favourites!

Grav Labs Helix

The Helix series by Grav is pure innovation. From a Helix dab rig to Helix glass pipes, these elegant pieces deserve a place of honor in your collection of smoking essentials. For over a decade, Helix by Grav has been redefining glassware with its revolutionary system of air intake. There are Helix bubblers and other assorted glass pieces to fit every budget, and each device satisfies Grav’s high standards.

Popular products in this series include the Grav Labs Helix Beaker and Helix Spoon Pipe. These pieces are defined by three air intake holes and a Venturi chamber mouthpiece. Using a Helix provides a smoother, purer inhale. The spiral action of the smoke culminates in a draw that is cooler and more aerated. This also means there is less waste and every draw is more satisfying. Many pieces in the line have undergone redesigns to make them even more efficient.

The true embodiment of innovation in scientific glass craftsmanship, the Helix series by Grav Labs introduces the Venturi mouthpiece that spins smoke into a unique pattern. ]]>