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Have you ever used a YouTube video during your speech therapy session, or as a home program assignment? Here are a few reasons why I like using YouTube videos as a therapy tool: *They are interesting and relevant, which promotes therapy engagement. *They give information in real-life speed (they aren’t over-simplified).

This means that skills or strategies practiced with a YouTube video could likely be used in real life as well. *You can adjust the complexity by choosing different lengths of information. * Best of all, there are a million (plus!) topic options, so it’s easy to use something personally-relevant for the unique communication needs of a patient. If I ever need speech therapy as an adult, I could only hope that my speech therapist will use recipe videos (or cookbooks!) with me. I love cooking, trying new recipes, or hearing about new ingredients–and I know that many of the clients I work with do as well. Worksheets don’t always fit the bill for targeting cognitive-communication skills for a person-centered goal–here’s where a YouTube Video of a recipe comes in! Patient Scenario: A 45-year-old mom is s/p craniotomy for an aggressive brain tumor. She has moderate attention, memory, executive function challenges, in addition to a visual impairment that has made reading normal size text difficult.

She expresses during the focused interview that she has not been able to return to meal planning or cooking and it’s “driving her crazy.” Video Length: 4:54. Therapy Option: For this unique situation, I would use a 5-minute recipe clip like the one above to further look at where the breakdown is happening with meal planning. I would instruct the patient to write down the ingredient list and instructions, and be prepared to report back to me immediately after the video was complete. While the video plays, you will take notes as well and then compare performance together! Depending on the results, we would focus therapy on personalized strategies to improve her performance, directly translating to her performance with following recipes at home. Therapy Ideas: If you like these ideas, be sure to check out the Home Sweet Home Series and my Shop. Here are some ways you may be able to incorporate a personally-relevant YouTube Video into speech therapy: To Target Strategies or Skills in This Area: The Patient Could Do This: Verbal Expression *Use word-finding strategies to express 6+ steps of a newly learned recipe. *Next steps: Use Script Training to practice explaining patient’s favorite recipe. *Name 6 ingredients required for the recipe Written Expression *Organize grocery list for this menu. *Write recipe in clear, organized sentences, so that it could be followed by someone else. Auditory Comprehension *Demonstrate comprehension across listening tasks for *** minutes, with 90% acc for open-ended questions. *Practice using strategies such as note-taking to enhance comprehension. Reading Comprehension *Develop personalized strategies for the patient that assists in reading comprehension for recipes (size, simplified text, etc). Motor Speech *Challenge ability to carry-over motor speech strategy or skill while sharing a story to a known or unknown listener. Attention *Sustain attention for listening tasks of *** minutes. *Alternate / divide attention for a motor task (such as sorting) while also listening to new information, with 90% acc on each task. Memory *Short-term recall for +10/10 ingredients after a 10-minute delay. *Short-term recall: Explain steps for recipe after 24-hour delay. 20 Fresh Uses for Orange Peels at Home Besides Smoking. Sunny oranges are more than delicious when you consider these 20 fresh uses for orange peels besides smoking them like the inmates at a jail in Maine. Warmer weather is here and thoughts turn to refreshing citrus fruits such as oranges. The flesh of the orange is tasty but orange peels are also used for cooking and many other purposes. In fact, inmates in a Maine jail were recently caught smoking orange peels despite the ban on smoking in prison. While smoking isn't good for your health, don't throw away those orange peels yet.

Consider these 20 fresh ways to recycle them for use around the house. Recently some Androscoggin County Jail inmates in Maine were found smoking dried orange peels and banana peels. Now the kitchen staff will be serving fruit without its peels. Often smokers add orange peels to their pipe tobacco for a dash of flavor and scent. Either way, smoking is bad for your health and there are better ways to use orange peels such as: 1. Are the bugs starting to bug you now that spring has sprung? Simply rub an orange peel on your skin to keep the bugs away. It makes your skin smell wonderful and the bugs won't like it – although your partner may love it! (Did you know food scents were deemed to be the most attractive by men in a blind scent test?

So much for all those floral fragrances on my dresser!) 2. Do your beloved fur babies love to mibble on your plants? It can be dangerous for them or deprive you of herbs you're growing for various recipes. You can rub orange peel on your plant leaves once or twice a month to deter pets from taking a taste. Spring is here and it's time to start a new compost pile to feed your gardens.


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