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Products within this range are designed for use within UK plumbing and heating installations or in other countries where similar installation requirements apply. For information on products suitable for use in other countries please consult our Technical Advisory Service. Speedfit products will need special protection in vermin infested areas. Plastic threads are not generally as strong as brass threads.

Customers and end users should be aware of this when choosing products for their applications. Over tightening of plastic threads will cause undue stress and eventual cracking and leakage. The maximum torque figures for BSP and BSPT threads used on Speedfit plumbing products in mating threads conforming to relevant British or International thread standards. Threads Size Maximum Torque Plastic 1/2″ 3.0 Nm 3/4″ 4.0 Nm Brass 1/2″ 4.0 Nm 3/4″ 5.0 Nm. It is recommended that all installations are checked prior to use to determine that a seal has been made. Fittings should not be subject to excessive side loads and they should not be used as support brackets. Tubing and fittings should be adequately supported to prevent excessive side loading.

Many, but not all, compression fittings are suitable for use with plastic fittings and pipe. Compression fittings with short tube stop depth or hard olives should not be used with plastic fittings or pipe. When using compression fittings with Speedfit pipe, a Standard Pipe Insert (prefix TSM) must be used to withstand the compressive pressure of the olive. The olive must be located within the length of the pipe insert and the pipe fully inserted into the fitting. The connection should not need more than 2 full turns after the olive has gripped the pipe. Ensure nut and olive are in place before inserting pipe insert. The Speedfit Range includes couplers to connect Speedfit Pipe to 1/2″ to 1″ BSP and BSPT. To connect 1/2″ imperial copper pipe to metric 15mm, Speedfit Part No NC471 should be used. Speedfit fittings can be connected onto chromium plated copper pipe if the chromium plating is completely removed to the full depth of the fitting. To ensure maximum grip, the fitting of a collet clip is recommended. It is not possible to connect Speedfit fittings to stainless steel pipe. In modern properties, water enters a building usually in a blue MDPE (medium density polyethylene) pipe. In order to comply with Water Regulation Schedule 2.10, the internal plumbing system should be connected via a Speedfit Stop Valve (Part Nos. 15STV and 22STV) in conjunction with a PE-Copper Coupler from the Speedfit range of Underground Fittings. Connection of Speedfit pipe to supply pipe of other materials should be via a stop tap with a 15mm or 22mm compression outlet. Continuously operated re-circulating systems (secondary hot water circulation / ring main installations) A continuously operated re-circulating system is a water-replenished circulating system which is maintained at a constant high temperature to provide a constant source of hot water. Continuously operated re-circulating systems are used to distribute constant hot water to draw off points that may be distant from the source or hot water storage vessel. Continuously operated re-circulating systems are very different from conventional hot water supply and central heating systems found in domestic properties, for which our products have been tested to, under either BS7291 Class S or WRAS approval standards, and for this reason Speedfit products must not be used on any continuously operated re-circulating systems as they are not approved under the current version of these standards. Speedfit pipe should never be connected directly to a boiler. Although most modern boilers have a high limit thermostat, residual heat can be conducted by the heat exchanger. Therefore, Speedfit recommend a minimum of 1 metre from the boiler casing should be run in copper pipe unless otherwise stated in the boiler manufacturer’s installation literature. A gravity primary circuit operating on an uncontrolled cooking range or solid fuel boiler should be run entirely in copper and the heating circuit run in copper for the first metre. Refer to BS 5955: Part 8 for further clarification. All appliances should have safety devices to make sure they cannot operate above the working temperature and pressure range set out in our Technical Checklist. If safety devices are not incorporated within the appliance then external controls will be needed.

Water meters (and other devices) can contain check valves that prevent the expansion of heated water back down the main supply from a combi boiler. If plastic pipe is to be used, a suitable expansion vessel must be fitted. This is especially important to consider if a water meter is fitted retrospectively. Speedfit do not recommend the use of plastic pipe on the main supply between a water meter and a combi boiler if an expansion vessel is not fitted. Speedfit Products should not be fitted to a sealed system oil boiler, a back fired boiler or other uncontrolled heat sources. The Speedfit range of fittings includes valves, taps, adaptors and connectors for the plumbing of all types of domestic appliances and fittings.

Speedfit can be used on sealed and open vented heating systems, where boilers are either heating a hot water storage cylinder or instantaneous hot water such as a combination boiler. The temperature and pressure limits of the system must not exceed the maximum values stated under the heading ‘Working Temperatures and Pressures’.


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