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Should You Consider This For Your Go-To Herb Grinding Needs?

When it comes to finding the best quality herb grinders, you may feel a bit perplexed by the amount of grinders available on the market. After all, grinder quality can significantly vary, which is why it’s necessary to look at product specifications, price and reviews in making your decision.

Now, one such model you’re going to come across during your research is the Golden Gate Grinders, which has many features for a very affordable price.

Golden Gate Grinder Pros

There are a number of positive points with Golden Gate Grinders, which can make choosing these models an almost-no brainer. What are some of the positive features to them that make them so worthwhile?

  • Material – Golden Gate Grinders are comprised of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. Thus, if you are hard on the device, it’ll keep grinding. You don’t have to be concerned with breaking teeth or wearing out after so many uses. The sifter is comprised of micron steel mesh that ensures even the tiniest herb pieces is caught. Over time, this will cause you to have a lot of kief. You can find grinders with better material such as the Space Case Grinder and the Phoenician Grinder but they’re much more expensive options.
  • Pollen Catcher – The sifter is designed of steel mesh, and any herb material going through it is going to be superior in quality and extremely fine.
  • Design – The design of this grinder has a 2.5-inch diameter grinder. It comes with four pieces and can catch the finest herb pieces. It’s got 45 diamond shaped teeth, that’s extremely sharp for shredding. It’s also got 44 holes so the grinded up material can drop into the next chamber. The Golden Gate Grinder lid is maintained in its place with the meodymium magnet, which means it won’t pop off when you’re grinding.
  • Lifetime Warranty – If you’re not happy with the grinders from Golden Gate Grinders, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. If something break or doesn’t work right, you’re not out money. Lifetime warranties are great because it means the company stands behind its products.
  • Performance – Great design and superior-quality materials ensure the grinders with Golden Gate Grinders perform at above peak level for an affordable price.

The price also makes it one of the best quality grinders that has been review for a competitive price. It’s more expensive than the Chromium Crusher but is cheaper than the Black Tie Grinder. Unlike the competition the grinder does have the lifetime warranty which is pretty unusual for a grinder at this price point, so that makes it a huge plus.

I found that the Golden Gate Herb Grinder was a quality item. It was easy for these types of grinders to feel flimsy, but I was impressed when I held the grinder in my hand. It was due to the large size that I found that it was very easy to grip and quite comfortable to grind. It is made in San Francisco, California, instead of being imported in from China, so you know that this is a true American product.

This grinder is anodized instead of being painted which is needed in all modern grinder products. This means that you are quite safe from being poisoned by the paint on the teeth of the non-anodized grinders that often deteriorate after awhile and your herb will often have flakes of paint in it, and that wouldn’t be that great either.

The grinder is also magnetized which means that it won’t open unless you want to open it.

The grinder happens to be a 4 compartment grinder model and it even has its own pollen catcher. I noticed that the grinder had a very large storage capacity so it is possible to store your good-good in the grinder when you aren’t grinding, which is another useful feature.

This grinder is made from the air craft grade aluminum which happens to be tough, strong as well as looks professional. It should be noted that the teeth and the lid of the grinder are just one piece of aluminum. If you get a grinder that has mixed colors such as black lids with a silver body, they aren’t reliable and are two separately made pieces. With this grinder you have been guaranteed reliability.

Golden Gate Grinder Cons

There isn’t much to say negative about the Golden Gate Grinders, although some improvements could be made.

  • It comes in just black or silver – so if you like color with your grinder, you’re going to be disappointed.
  • There is a limit in size, no more than 2.5-inches, unlike other grinder brands like Chromium Crusher and Space Case that offers various sizes.

My Golden Gate Grinder Conclusion

When you check Amazon, you will notice that it has excellent reviews. That is really rare for a grinder especially at this price. This just goes to show you that this grinder is special. Golden Gate Grinders state on their sale page that they provide excellent customer service and many people can attest to that fact as well.

This grinder would be able to challenge the big boys like Mendo Mulcher or the Space Case. I would even go as far to state that if you are on a budget, this is the best grinder to buy. What makes this grinder even better is the fact that they are thinking about releasing more models of the grinder here shortly, so be sure to keep on eye on Amazon for more updated versions of the Golden Gate Grinder.

I've tested so many grinders for "science" of course. What I'm after is an inexpensive, stylish grinder that has excellent performance. But what's the down side?

Why is the Golden Gate Grinder the best grinder for weed?

Kevin Macpherson
Apr 24, 2015 · 2 min read

I have been a medicinal marijuana smoker for many years due to my chronic back problems. I toiled wi t h different prescriptions for what seemed like an eternity before my doctor suggested I apply for medicinal marijuana. Like anyone who was confronted with this idea for the first time, I was very sceptical and I didn’t want to be labelled a “druggy” for using marijuana. I questioned — “what would my mother think of me if I started using weed?”. So I confronted her straight up and explained that the pain in my back was becoming too hard to bare and it was beginning to affect my movement, and thus my day to day life. But she was fine with it — she wanted to see me happy!

Preparing marijuana for use every day can be quite time consuming and fiddly if you don’t have the right equipment. I actually started out with a cheap plastic grinder from my local convenience store which was a bad idea. Why you may ask? Well, every time you use a plastic weed grinder, little tiny particles of plastic become contaminated within your marijuana and smoking this can be very dangerous. Some experts say it could be carcinogenic.

So I made sure I researched properly to find the best grinder for sale and I came across a product called the “Golden Gate Grinder”. Being from San Fran myself, I thought it would be a brand I could trust. So I went ahead and bought the grinder from Amazon as it was the top rated grinder in this niche. I was very impressed so I thought I’d do a review of the grinder and let you know the features that make it what I think the best herb grinder for sale on Amazon at the moment.

Made of Aircraft Grade Aluminium — This was the main reason I wanted to buy the Golden Gate Grinder as I wanted to replace my plastic grinder with a reliable and safe alternative.

Sharp All Metal Teeth — I was mightily impressed by the way the grinder cut through the weed almost effortlessly each time I turned. I found it took me half the time to use this grinder compared to my plastic grinder. I later found out there were 49 teeth in the grinder — yes — 49!

The Price — I didn’t want to spend close to $70 on an over priced model such as the Space Case and I was advised that the Golden Gate Grinder had better reviews than the Space Case. So this was an easy decision.

Lifetime Warranty — I was amazed by the lifetime warranty on offer. This shows that GGG really care about their customers and have complete confidence in their product. If anyone had any issues, they are able to give you a refund — no questions asked.

So whatever grinder you choose, make sure you check out the Golden Gate Grinder on Amazon first as I think this is the best grinder for marijuana currently for sale.

I have been a medicinal marijuana smoker for many years due to my chronic back problems. I toiled with different prescriptions for what seemed like an eternity before my doctor suggested I apply for… ]]>