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If you clean your water pipe regularly it will certainly help with these negative smoking experiences, but nobody has time to clean their bong all the time. Adding an ash catcher to your water pipe makes cleaning and maintaining your bong a million times easier. It also comes with many added benefits that a lot of smokers are unaware of.

One of the biggest benefits of using an ash catcher is you will spend a lot less time cleaning your water pipe and more time smoking out of it. If you have a smaller piece or one that is very easy to clean you may not need an ash catcher, but if you have a larger piece with tons of percolators an ash catcher can be a real life-saving accessory to have. Ash catchers are optional water pipe upgrades and thus sold separately from the water pipe itself. To ensure you get the right ash catcher for your water pipe you will need to know the joint size of your pipe so that you can get the correct joint size ash catcher. Most ash catchers are male joints and meant to be combined with female jointed water pipes. If you have a male jointed water pipe, no worries you can always get a glass adapter to make it fit. Ash catchers range in price depending on the complexity of their design and size.

Your ash catcher will attach to your water pipe the same way you take your bowl in and out. Your bowl will now go into the ash catcher instead of directly into the water pipe. When you take a hit the burned ash will get trapped in the ash catcher instead of passing into the water pipes main chamber. Be sure not to add too much water to your ash catcher or the dirty water will flow into your water pipe. You may want to consider purchasing a K – Clip to secure your ash catcher to your water pipe. A K-Clip is a small plastic clip that locks the ash catcher into your water pipe so it does not come out when removing the bowl. Now that you have decided you want to add an ash catcher to your water pipe it's important to make sure you get the right one! As previously mentioned the first thing you will want to look at is the joint size of your water pipe and the joint size of the ash catcher you want to get. You need to make sure that the joints will fit together properly so the ash catcher and your water pipe function correctly. The next thing you need to consider is the angle of the joint on your ash catcher. Most ash catchers come in either 45 or 90 degree angles. The 45 or 90 degrees is referring to the angle at which your ash catcher will attach to your water pipe. Depending on the angle of your water pipes stem you will have to decide which works best for you. You will also need to make sure the ash catcher will not hit any part of your water pipe, this is usually easy to do just by imaging what the ash catcher would look like if attached to your bong. You want to make sure you will be comfortable smoking with the ash catcher attached to your water pipe and make sure the bowl is not at an angle that could cause you to either burn yourself or make stuff fall out of your bowl. The last thing you need to consider is if your water pipe is strong and sturdy enough to hold the ash catcher you want so that it will not tip over when you are not using it. Last but not least you need to decide what kind of percolator you want your ash catcher to have. It could have a tree, inline, showerhead, or honeycomb perc. If you already have a water pipe with tons of percs you will probably want just a basic ash catcher to collect ash that will not add any drag to your piece. If you have a basic water pipe and are looking for more diffusion than you will want an ash catcher with more percs or more chambers. Most ash catchers are only one chamber but there are some that have two chambers that each contains percs for a lot more added diffusion. Below is an example of a two-chamber ash catcher with several different percs and on the right is a basic ash catcher with one chamber and one perc. If you have the money to spend, an ash catcher is a must have accessory for any water pipe. It will surely make your smoking experience more enjoyable and will definitely make cleaning your bong way easier. Make sure you browse our selection of ash catchers to find the perfect one for you. Most ash catchers range in price from $20 - $60 depending on the complexity of their design and colors.

Cheaper is not always better especially when it comes to glass. If you see an ash catcher for like $10 chances are it's very thin glass and will likely break sooner than later. Last year, all three of my closest friends moved away. My best girl friend moved to Hawaii thanks to being a Navy wife living the Navy life. She flew off to paradise last December and left me in the cold. Then, my best guy friend and former roommate (the best roommate I’ve ever had) moved to Florida to start his life over after a nasty divorce and bankruptcy — the implosion of life as he knew it paving a way for him to move forward in a whole new direction. Finally, my other two close friends moved a state away due to a new job offering, and I was left… I’ve never been one of those people to have big group of friends to count on being there for me, or even to hang out with. I’m an INFJ, so it’s hard for me to get close to people, and I don’t put much stock or effort into casual relationships of any kind.

Even though they are only a phone call or text message away, my best friends being gone have left a hole in my life that I haven’t yet been able to fill, and the loneliness that I feel sometimes more than I can bear.


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