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The same actually happens when you choose the option discard. Once you've accepted the item, you'll get a message it has been placed in your inventory. Once you've accepted the item, the Gift Box will disappear, you won't able to use it again to sent something yourself. NC items that cannot be gifted There are a few NC items that cannot be gifted. This includes items from the NC Mall Elite Boutique, the special part in the NC Mall that is only available for users with an account of four years and older.

Another item that cannot be gifted is the Golden Lulu Medallion. It looks like Gift Boxes are being sold in the NC Mall in the Gift Wrap section. This is not true; what appears to be boxes for sale, are only gift wrap, meant to make your Gift Box look prettier. You can't buy it without having at least one Gift Box in your inventory or safety deposit box. If you buy a gift wrap, one of your Gift Boxes will automatically be wrapped with it. If you don't have any boxes in your inventory, but you do have at least one of them in your safety deposit box, that box will automatically be taken out of it and placed in your inventory. Same examples of gift wrap: To get an overview of all gift wraps that are being sold or have been sold, have a look at our NC Mall Gift Wrap section. Super Gift Boxes During the Christmas season of 2010 Super Gift Boxes were released. The image of a Super Gift Box looks like a pile of boxes.

By using a Super Gift Box, you are able to send four items at once. This means you are using only the Super Gift Box, instead of 4 separate regular gift boxes. Super Gift boxes were first released in the Holiday Gift Box Mystery Capsule and can only be obtained from these special Gift Box Mystery Capsules. The chance of getting a Super Gift box out of these capsules is random. Sending a Super Gift Box Sending a Super Gift Box looks a lot like sending a regular gift box, except you're now sending four items at once. This means four times, you'll have to select the item you want to gift. You'll have to use all four options, it's not possible to send only two or three items. Once you've selected all four items, you click submit and on the next screen, you need to fill in the username of the person you want to send the gift box too. It's possible to add a personalised message, like 'Happy Holidays'. The next step is similar to sending a Gift Box as well, here you'll get confirmation of the items and the person you want to send it too, and you'll need enter your password to be sure it's really you trying to send the items. If you've got a PIN protection enabled you will need to enter your PIN code as well. If you want to enable PIN protection, you can do this by going to the PIN Preferences page, and checking the 'NC Gift Boxes' option. Once you've entered the password and PIN, you click 'Give Item' to send the Super Gift Box away. On the next screen, you'll get confirmation about the four items being sent. Receiving a Super Gift Box Just like with normal Gift Boxes, a message will show up in your new events, saying you have received a Gift Box. If you click on the message that you have received a Gift Box, you can choose to open them, or return them to the sender. Once you open a Super Gift Box, all four items will show up at once. You'll have to accept them all (or return or discard them), it's not possible to accept only some of the items. Just like other neocash items, the items sent by Super Gift Boxes will be placed in your inventory. In the section below you can see all the questions and answers from the Neopets Help Page. An NC Gift Box is a free virtual item you can use to gift a Neocash item from your Inventory to another Neopets user. NC Gift Boxes are automatically deposited into your Inventory when you redeem a Neocash Card (just like Limited Edition Bonus Items). You can redeem your Neocash Card(s) in the NC Mall to receive your NC Gift Boxes. However, NC Gift Boxes can only be used to gift NC Mall Neocash items to other Neopets users. The number of Gift Boxes you receive is determined by the denomination of the Neocash Card redeemed: A $5 Card will grant your account 1 NC Gift Box A $10 Card will grant your account 2 NC Gift Boxes A $15 Card will grant your account 3 NC Gift Boxes A $25 Card will grant your account 5 NC Gift Boxes.

To use an NC Gift Box, simply click on the Gift Box image in your Inventory and follow the step-by-step instructions. Can I PIN protect the use of NC Gift Boxes in my account? To PIN protect the use of NC Gift Boxes to gift Neocash items from your account, go to your PIN Preferences section, select the "NC Gift Boxes" checkbox, and then click on the "Change Your Details" button at the bottom of the page.

Once you PIN protect the use of NC Gift Boxes in your account, you will be required to provide your PIN and password each time you would like to send a Neocash item to another user as a gift. If you don't have a PIN, you can create one in moments by following the instructions in the top box of your PIN Preferences page.


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