glass wand weed

Glass wand weed

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VripTech Heat Wand vaporizer

Vrip, a Glass with Glass cannabis vaporizer

VripTech from Vripmaster

The VripTech vaporizer from Vripmaster is a vaping device designed and manufactured in California. It is composed of a heateing surface and a borosilicate glass capsule specifically designed to get the best vaporization of our herbs and resins.

The main aim of this vaporizer is getting vapour of the highest possible quality, respecting the flavour of our herb’s terpenes. To achieve it, only completely pure and neutral materials were used for its manufacture, which don’t emit any kind of particles or vapors while being exposed to high temperatures.

The heating element is made of high quality ceramic, connected to a temperature controller with which we can adjust the power, setting different temperatures by selecting the appropriate position on the dial.

This feature, combined with the tip – which is made of laboratory glass – ensures maximum purity, making the Vrip a highly recommended device for medical marijuana users, also for those who seek unique taste in each puff.

As we can see, it operates as a heat generator, which must be used together with a compatible bowl and our favorite borosilicate glass bong or bubbler, which acts as the body of the vaporizer, cooling and refreshing the vapour while concentrating it to maximize its aromatic intensity.

VripMaster offers their own bowl as an accessory, designed to fit perfectly into the Vriptech vaporizer with a silicone seal and a sealing rubber gasket. Still, this bowl is very delicate and must be bought directly from the Californian Manufacturer, so perhaps the easiest option is using a cone shaped 18mm bowl, which also fits perfectly into the Vrip. g

How to use the VripTech Vaporizer

To get started, prepare the bubbler or bong to be used (fill it with water and ice cubes if possible), the Vrip Tech, the compatible bowl, the silicone pad and a grinder.

Place the silicone pad in a firm, safe and horizontal surface. Turn on the VripTech and select the desired temperature.

Since the built-in power regulator doesn’t have a digital display, we need to test until we find the temperature that best suits our needs and tastes. Thus, adjusting the power regulator to 2/3 – ¾ of the range is advised (adjust it pointing at 9 o’clock).

Vaping with the VripTech

Leave the wand on the silicone pad and wait for 10 minutes so the glass is uniformly heated. Meanwhile, we can finely grind our marijuana and place it in the bowl, without pressing too much or filling it excessively.

This vaporizer works well either with the bowl completely filled or with small quantities, although in the second case – as well as if you want to vaporize resins – using a Volcano liquid pad for BHO is recommended; in this way, the herb is closer to the heat source and the vaporisation process is more effective.

Depending on the used bowl and the distance between the tip of the glass capsule and the weed, perhaps we have to raise or lower a bit the temperature to get good results.

As we said, fit the bowl into the bong and wait for 10 minutes. Then, place the VripTech vaporizer on the bowl without touching the weed. The silicone gasket on the top allows us to get the best possible seal, although it’s also possible to carefully remove it if we don’t want any plastic element to make contact with the vapour.

To remove the silicone gasket, slide it gradually using your finger tips, dragging it from the lower part outwards, always preserving the horizontal position.

VripTech, quality vapour for your enjoyment

With our vaping system ready and holding the VripTech over the bowl, we can start inhaling slowly and gently, without hurry, savoring the weed and enjoying the flavour. If the taste is soft and reminiscent of when you smell marijuana, the vaporizer needs more temperature; we raise it a bit the controller, turning it a couple of mm and wait for about 30 seconds to repeat the process.

If the flavour is intense it means we have reached the correct temperature, even if we don’t see any vapour. We should exhale and, without removing the vaporizer from the bowl, do a second inhalation.

In this way, we keep the temperature of the bowl without. In this second inhalation we’ll see vapour, which should have bluish hues, what indicates its high purity.

Temperature controller at 2/3

If we to want get greater vapour density, raise a bit the temperature, wait for 30 seconds and inhale again in the same way, doing a first puff to heat the bowl and a second one to inhale dense vapour clouds.

If we increase the temperature too much, we’ll inmediately observe very dense white vapour, while the taste becomes more toasted and with bitter, spicy undertones. In these cases, lowering a bit the temperature (although the toasted flavour will remain since we have vaporized all the essential oils of the sample on the firs inhalation) or using a bong with a good filter is advised.

If we choose the second option, you can increase the temperature a bit more, getting denser puffs with more CBD (which needs about 210ºC – 215°C to vaporize properly), much stronger and medicinal, although the flavour will last for much less inhalations.

When we want to stop vaping, we separate the vaporizer from the bowl and leave it in the silicone pad. At this moment, we can stir a bit the weed left in the bowl so it is uniformly vaporized, ensuring constant vapour flow. If we are vaping resins we should try to place them so the most part of the resin is exposed to the warm air.

We can leave the vaporizer turned on for a couple of hours (or even more) without problem, so it’s ideal for parties or long tasting sessions, but we always should take care that it’s protected and can’t come into contact with anything that could burn.

Still, turning it off when we aren’t going to use it any more will lengthen its life span and reduce the risk of accidents. To do this, set the minimum temperature and unplug it.

Cleaning and maintenance of the VripTech

The maintenance of the VripTech is easy, since the parts that really get dirty are the bowl and the bubbler. If the tip of the capsule gets dirty, clean it with a wipe and alcohol.

Since the capsule is only screwed at one point on the handle, it’s possible that it moves during the use. We will have to prevent the capsule to come into contact with the ceramic wand.

To check this, carefully look at the vaporizer from the tip of the capsule, and make sure the wand is centered. If it isn’t, loosen the screw WITH GREAT CARE, relocate the tip and fix it again, TIGHTENING IT WITHOUT BREAKING OR SPLINTERING THE GLASS. You are warned!

A Vriptech user vaporizes his marijuana with a handmade Sovereginty Bong with a very curious percolator

Another session, same person and same tube

The same user, using the Vriptech with a handmade ZOB Bubbler

A perfect trip buddy for all quality vapour lovers that, while delicate and demanding, will reward your care and effort with the best vaping experience on the market.

The Californian company VripMaster presents the new VripTech vaporizer, a magic heating wand that uses its tip to vaporize the essential oils and ter ]]>