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dirte190 7,852 13 01/31/06 10:14 PM by scatmanrav What lsd looks like when you put it on sweet tarts ( 1 2 all ) darkstar45 4,589 23 10/28/06 07:18 PM by sacred_mushroom Mushrooms injected with LSD PDU 3,040 6 04/07/03 04:29 AM by PDU Extra information You cannot start new topics / You cannot reply to topics HTML is disabled / BBCode is enabled Moderator: psilocybinjunkie, Asante, Rose, sui, karode13, LogicaL Chaos, bodhisatta 22,657 topic views. 2 members, 74 guests and 12 web crawlers are browsing this forum. [ Print Topic ] Generated in 0.039 seconds spending 0.005 seconds on 13 queries. Bought some supposed LSD that's been dropped onto a sweet tart, I think, it's fairly big, but looks similar to one.

And I can visibly see a reddish drop mark on one side of the candy. Is the best way to know if it's true LSD is to swallow the whole thing? Basically just try and keep it in my mouth for the least amount of time. Well if it tastes like anything other than a sweet tart (such as any bitterness or numbing) then id spit it out, if its tasteless(other than candy flavor) then thats a good sign. Idk how you would use a sweet tart with a test kit though so its a hard one to be sure about. Just know your source and watch for any flavor (and swallowing will help if its nbome).

ive had liquid dropped on candy a bunch of times before. once i didnt even know it was dosed lol, but i was munching on L all weekend like a crazy person so the dude knew id be down with that notion. i think there were like 3 hits on it (i had already ate a 10 strip that night lol) Sweet tarts are what my friends put acid on because they have that nice concave side, so it makes sense to me. Uwell Yearn VS Juul VS Caliburn VS Cigarettes – which is the best? The first of the nicotine salt vape pods quietly entered the scene in 2015 in the form of the Juul. They quickly become an incredibly popular option for consumers as they flooded (and dominated) the convenience market. The Juul was one of the first accessible no-mess solutions for smokers that wanted to switch to a less harmful alternative. Today, while they might not be available in your local grocery store - there are a number of better alternatives to Juul, the best of which we stock on this very website! Juul users in Australia may be looking for alternatives, wondering if there is a cheaper solution. There’s no question the nicotine vape market is spoiled for choice, but this can leave some vapers – or future vapers – at a loss for choosing the best option. If you started on a Juul, should you stick with it? Juul is very popular but has also had some negative press, particularly in the US – should this be a factor in your decision? At Vapoureyes NZ, we push ourselves to offer the best quality and best value for money anywhere in the vape market. We also strive to offer unbiased, evidence-based information for new and future vapers to make the best choice for their wallet as well as their health. We also value choice as a core fundamental to the vaping lifestyle, so we offer several different pod system solutions (except the Juul, which is another story ). One system we are particularly excited about is the Uwell Yearn . More comprehensively, it comes from the makers of the renowned Caliburn pod system and is the embodiment of cutting-edge vaping technology. Made from super-resilient zinc alloy, the Uwell Yearn uses pre-filled leak-free pods (and refillable ones, too!), it's draw-activated so it won’t accidentally fire in your pocket or bag, and it's just a really well-built piece of kit that feels great in the hand. The question is… How does the Uwell Yearn compare to the competition? To help you make the best choice for you, let’s review the Uwell Yearn against the most popular current alternatives. But in as unbiased a fashion as possible, we’ll examine how the Yearn stacks up against the three options you’re most likely to consider. A note – unless denoted otherwise, all prices below are in NZD. Some have been converted from other currencies based on average conversion rates and some are based on best estimates and are a guide only. As we’ve mentioned elsewhere, no discussion of vaping should occur outside of a comparison with cigarettes. All nicotine e-cig products are designed as an alternative to cigarette smoking. So in order to properly compare the Yearn with alternatives, we need to compare it to the path of least resistance – sticking with cigarettes.

We all know cigarettes – little paper tubes filled with tobacco leaves, predominantly with a synthetic filter at the end, designed to deliver nicotine to the lungs via tobacco smoke. You take a cigarette from the packet, set the non-filter end on fire, then suck the smoke into your lungs through the filter end.

The smoke from the burning tobacco leaves carries nicotine into your lungs, from where it enters the bloodstream.


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