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At first glance, you might think this smoking device is going to be costly, but building your homemade gas mask bong is not as costly as you might think. Collect the parts at your local home center or hardware store on a budget, then follow the steps to assemble the pieces and you will be smoking weed like never before. The most important part of the bong is the gas mask, these are available at auction sites all over the internet. The air inlet on the mask is the most important part, it will be where the hose and bong are connected. Here are the other materials you will need to build your bong: 1.

Here are the simple steps for assembling your own gas mask bong now that you have all the pieces: 1. Start by attaching the plastic tubes to the cartileges on both sides of the gas mask. Use a rubber gasket between the cartilege and tubes so smoke does not escape. Secure both tubes to the mask using electrical tape. Place the barbed t-pipe between the ends of the tubes, secure with electrical tape. Use a barbed screw on the barbed t-pipe to act as the inlet for smoke.

This picture presents completely homemade gas mask bong. If this is your first time using the gas mask bong, you might want to take things very slowly from here out. Unlike vaporizers and joints, the gas mask will quickly fill your lungs with more smoke than you may be able to handle at first. This is really the pinnacle of every stoner’s smoking paraphernalia, so you have to step back and take it slow at first. The gas mask can hold a very large capacity of smoke, so proceed with caution: 1. Place warm water in the bong, just enough to keep the stem submerged. Pack a bowl with your sweet buds, don’t over pack or air flow will be restricted. Similar to taking a hit from your bong or glass pipe, breathe in and allow the mask to fill with smoke. If you secured all the openings with tape, the mask will fill, up with sweet smoke, allowing you to inhale at will. If you do not want to assemble your own gas mask bong, you will find plenty of them for sale at stoner sites across the web. These masks are completely sealed, except for the opening where your mouth is. The flexible tube easily connects to your bong or water pipe, allowing all the smoke to be trapped in the mask for an extremely powerful smoking experience. Remember that no smoke is going to be escaping, so each time you take a hit, you are going to get a full shot of pure herbal essence. Take it slow at first, this will certainly become the most powerful and enjoyable weed smoking experience of your life. – Numerous Health Benefits and Uses You Should Know About. What Happens if You’re Caught Driving Under the Influence. Which Strain Has The Highest Level of THC (34.04%) in 2018? It’s Official – CBD as Epilepsy Treatment Helps Reduce Seizures Too. Cannabis Oil – Benefits, Uses, How To Make It and Much More. 5 Top Choices For Spoon Pipes – Small Size Is Both a Blessing and a Curse. Primo Cigar Shop and Lounge is your one-stop cigar and pipe shopping destination.

We are conveniently located midway between the Plaza and the Railyard, in downtown Santa Fe. Primo carries a wide selection of premium cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, and cigarettes - as well as a broad array of tobacco-related products. Our retail customers are always welcome to enjoy the smoke of their choice in our cool and comfortable smoking Lounge, which offers free Wi-Fi, cable TV and leather seating. Take a short video tour of our store, humidor and smoking lounge: A small sample of our fine cigar brands: Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Avo, Brickhouse, Cain, Camacho, Casa Magna, Cohiba, Chupa Cabras by Esteban Carreras, Cusano, Diamond Crown, Flor De Oliva, Fonseca, Fuente Fuente Opus X and Anejo's, Gurkha, H. Upmann, Illusione, La Aroma De Cuba, La Aurora, Lakey, La Palina, Macanudo, Monte Cristo, My Father, Nub, Oktoberfest, Oliva, Padron, Partagas, Perdomo, Punch, Regius, Romeo y Julieta, San Cristobal, Sancho Panza, Vega Fina, Villiger and many more. We also carry a large line of tinned small cigars and cigarillos as well as dry-cured cigars. Cigar accessories: We have double, triple and even quad torch lighters, all tested at our altitude! For the cigar smoker on the go we have a huge selection of high-density travel humidors from five to fifty sticks. The pipe smoker cannot have enough pipes in his or her collection! These one-of-a-kind works of art are handcarved in Denmark by one of the country's most experienced pipe carvers.

We also carry the Peterson line, still handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland. These are some of THE classic shapes in all of pipedom and a must-have for any Sherlock Holmes fanatic. To go along with that pipe , we have pipe lighters, tampers, pipe racks and a full line of premium, custom-blended pipe tobaccos . Again, in all price ranges from economy to the all steel Montecristo to a complete line of Xikar and more! Ashtrays of every shape and size including the Stinky, considered by many to be the best cigar ashtray design of all time!


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