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Features: Zong handle/stand Inline Diffuser Perc 9" length 7" width 1 lbs 14mm bowl. Glowfly Glass Zong Steamroller Bubbler Teal - Inline Diffuser (9") Glowfly Glass is widely known to incorporate the wild Zong "zig-zag" design in their pieces. This steamroller bubbler features an inline diffuser allowing for uniform water percolation, as well as a Zong styled handle/mouthpiece that acts as a stand to retain the water. Features: Zong handle/stand Inline Diffuser Perc 9" length 7" width 1 lbs 14mm bowl. Bong Types | Zong Bong & Zong Bubbler, What The Heck Are They.

In this article we’ll review the differences between a zong bong and a zong bubbler, a little history about zongs, and of course a few fun facts. The world of bongs is vast and ever changing, so keeping on top of it all can be quite a daunting task. There are an endless amount of different percolators, and variations to those percs, and then slight tweaks to those variations of those percs – it’s enough to make your head spin! So, if you're thinking of purchasing a new zong bong, then read on and hopefully we can help out your decision just a little bit more. A zong, simply put is a bong just with a unique design feature to the neck. A zong bong or a zong bubbler feature a zig zag shaped neck, often times taking the shape of a Z, hence the b(Z)ong! Zongs are beloved by water pipe lovers because the additional distance that the smoke has to travel in order to make it through the mouth piece gives it additional time to cool which in turn, creates a super smooth smoking sesh.

Not only does a zong create a cooler inhale experience, their unique design make it a top favorite for tokers worldwide. The zig zag shape of a zong bong mimics different things for different people, we hear from quite a few of our toker’s that it resembles a glass flame rising from a torch: super poetic and we love it! Regardless of what the unique neck shape that define a zong bong or a zong bubbler, you'll be sure to fall in love with your new piece in no time. Sharing in the history and learning more about where your favorite smoking devices come from is half the fun! While the zong bong and zong bubbler categories are a bit underserved these days, we see them making a comeback soon! The zong bong actually started back in the 90’s and the general consensus is that they first started in California. The views toward the toker industry at that time was not nearly as friendly as it is today (although, we’ve made progress we have a ways to go!) and their popularity, drawn from their unique shape and added benefits, of course caught the attention of the authorities (womp, womp). It wasn’t just zongs however, the entire industry came under close scrutiny for a while and many glassblowers started to lay low – since the zong bong was just the new hot thing it's what made it in the media. Fast forward to modern day times and the zong bong and zong bubbler are making a comeback! Glassblowers have started making these beautiful glass baby’s again and toker’s couldn’t be happier! Great question, you know you ask a lot of great questions. Well, honestly the answer is the same as “what’s the difference between a bong and a bubbler”. The similarities between a zong bong and a zong bubbler are their zig zag shaped neck, which ultimately is the defining characteristic of zongs. Where they differ is in the characteristics that separate bongs and bubblers (which we will cover in another article very soon!). The gist of it is, a zong bubbler is often smaller in size with limited types of percs, usually just a downstem and generally around 6-ish inches tall. A zong bong is typically bigger however, zongs are not known for having percs so in the zong world the most defining characteristic between the two is their size. Totally get it and it’s simply a matter of opinion, really. Like everything in life there are pros and cons, and to a zong bong or a zong bubbler it depends on the toker’s preferences. A zong bong or zong bubbler are notoriously hard to clean (we’ll be providing additional information on this soon, so check back often!) due to their zig zag design, which makes it very difficult to find any type of cleaning apparatus that will work with the shape of the neck. Cleaning is an important part of any toker’s regimen as the residue left behind by burnt herb/tobacco create a harsh inhale which is a huge cause of the infamous toker cough. On the flip side of this, one of the biggest benefits to a zong bong or a zong bubbler is the additional distance the smoke has to travel to reach the mouthpiece, which gives it more time to cool, creating a smoother and more enjoyable inhale experience. The Fisherman's Friend has been one of our most popular pipes for almost two decades. Made from quality hardwoods and hand-finished, this pipe will last many years if properly cared for. The Fisherman's Friend features a stainless steel middle that twists open reveling a storage compartment for your tobacco and the engraved, stainless steel bottom slides out for easy cleaning. The Fisherman's Friend is stylish, functional, and easily portable making it a great choice for traveling, hiking and as a everyday workhorse.

2 1/8" (L) x 3/4" (W) x 1" (H) Portable Made with quality hardwoods Polished stainless steel middle that twists open to reveal a storage compartment for your tobacco. Polished and engraved stainless steel bottom slides out for easy cleaning. Can be used with or without a .625" Screen Built to last! Adult signature required upon delivery (21+ only) * Beware of low quality knock-offs. The Fisherman's Friend is one of our all time best selling pipes. It's utility and pocket-friendly size makes it ideal for those looking for an on-the-go pipe. Unfold the pipe to reveal the bowl, light it and close it when you're done. The metal interior slides 360° and acts as the lid for a secret stash in the centre of the pipe. A small metal insert on the bottom of the pipe can be removed for easy cleaning. *Works best with brass and/or stainless steel mesh screens.

Dimensions: (Open) 2" x 1" ; (Closed) 4" x 1" *Use the order notes in your cart to let us know your colour preference. We'll do our best to accommodate but colour choice is not guaranteed. This Quantum Sci glass downstem measures 6 inches in length and features handmade holes. This piece was made to promote quality airflow with little to no draw. Product info: 6 inches in length Fits 18mm female joint Holds 14mm male bowls Frosted joint insert Borosilicate glass Handmade diffuser holes.


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