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If you’d like to smoke dry herbs, then all you need is an eGo-compatible e-cigarette battery and a dry herb cartridge. For best results, we recommend using a variable voltage battery so that you can fine-tune the temperature to your liking. Please note that all vape pen herb cartridges will combust your herb, not vaporize it. A dry herb cartridge attachment will allow you to turn your e-cigarette into an electric pipe (or e-blunt) with ease. Pros: Work with dry herbs Easiest “smoke on the go” solution.

Cons: Since it combusts the herb, it will not be as discreet or stealthy as a vaporizer. Option 2: Using Oils, Waxes, and Other THC Concentrates in an Electronic Cigarette. What You’ll Need: An electronic cigarette battery with eGo threading (such as the eGo-Twist or Vision Spinner) or 510 threading An eGo oil cartridge, 510 oil cartridge, or glass globe attachment. If you prefer to vape hash oil, wax, budder, shatter, BHO, full-melts, or any other form of THC concentrate, then you’ll need to complement your e-cigarette battery with a concentrate cartridge or glass globe attachment. Depending on your preferences, there are a few different ways to build an e-cigarette setup that will allow you to vape concentrates: I want something stealthy : Buy a 510 thread e-cigarette battery and a V2 oil cartridge, or buy our Micro Vape Kit which includes both. This setup is the most discreet way to enjoy concentrates on the go. I want maximum capacity : Buy a variable voltage eGo e-cigarette battery and a Mega V2 oil cartridge. The Mega V2 holds over 1 gram of concentrates, making this one of the heaviest hitting concentrate pen setups on the market today. I want to see my clouds : Buy a variable voltage eGo e-cigarette battery and a Glass Globe.

This is a great choice for people who are used to dabbing using an oil rig and would like to see the clouds they’re creating. Pros: Best combination of power and portability -- big hits in a small package Vaping concentrates produces less smell than burning herbs, so it's more discreet. Option 3: Using THC E-Liquids and Cannabis Tinctures in an Electronic Cigarette. What You’ll Need: An electronic cigarette battery with eGo threading (such as the eGo-Twist or Vision Spinner) A dual coil tincture tank Tincture liquid blend (if you're making it yourself) THC E-Liquids (also known as tinctures) combine the flavor and convenience of e-liquids with the potency and portability of concentrates. If you’re a medical marijuana patient in California, you can buy pre-filled tincture cartridges from our partners, or you can make your own tinctures using the instructions here (disclaimer: we have not independently verified the instructions here; follow at your own risk). Pros: Because vaping tinctures does not produce much smell, this method provides for maximum stealth and discretion You can create your own custom flavor blends. Cons: Less potent than pure concentrate cartridges May require some DIY effort. Option 4: Using Pre-Filled Medicated Cartridges in an Electronic Cigarette. What You’ll Need: A medical marijuana prescription in the state of California An electronic cigarette battery with eGo threading (such as the eGo-Twist or Vision Spinner) A pre-filled medicated cartridge. If you’re a medical marijuana patient in California and you’re not interested in going the do-it-yourself route, you can purchase pre-filled medicated cartridges from one of our partners. This is the easiest way to vaporize concentrates and tinctures using your existing e-cigarette setup. Pros: Easiest way to vape concentrates and tinctures Pre-filled cartridges are available in a variety of strains and flavors. Cons: Only available to medical marijuana patients. Got a question about any of the options listed above? Email us and we'd be happy to help you build a setup that works for you. Join SMOKEA® Rewards to get up to 10% back on every purchase - it's free to join! SMOKEA Stainless Steel Pipe Screens (5-Pack) White Rhino Quartz Terp Ball. Welcome to SMOKEA® Smokea® aims to be the world's absolute best online headshop. We have been in the industry since 1998 and have learned exactly what makes our customers happy. Smokea® provides our customers with the widest selection of cutting-edge alternative smoking products, world class customer service, fast and free shipping, rewards for shopping with us and best of all, guaranteed lowest prices. While the 420 holiday doesn’t get the same hype as some other favorite holidays, it still holds a special place in many people’s hearts. The roots for this famous celebration started in 1971 with a group of kids who called themselves “Waldos” because they would meet by a wall at 4:20 PM to imbibe together after their school’s extracurricular activities had ended. One of these Waldos became a roadie for the Grateful Dead, where he popularized the term and its meaning: to hang out, have a good time, and chill with others who dig the same scene. So take some tips from the pros and learn how to elevate your 420 holiday to new highs! Apr 15, 2020 SMOKEA ® Sipping on GRAV's New "Sip Series" Bubblers.

I’m not a doctor, but I think it’s easy to say you shouldn’t be drinking from bubblers or bongs . It’s a good thing that GRAV and Micah Evans, two of the biggest names in Borosilicate Glass, refused to limit their imaginations to what “should be.” Their unbridled creativity has resulted in a new line of bubblers that we’re proud to carry -- bubblers inspired by some of our favorite drinks. Nov 22, 2019 SMOKEA® Two Perfect "Sessions" for your Smoke Sesh. Session Goods, a brilliant team based in San Francisco, is determined to bring class and style to the tools used in our favorite ritual.

Through their design methodology and skills, they’ve crafted two wonderful new pieces, available in four different colors, that we’re proud to carry! From the moment you open the beautiful custom packaging, it’s clear that Session Goods are determined to elevate your daily ritual into something special.


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