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My son got me a couple of thc oil cartridges (thick oil) that he uses with a screw in type battery. I don't own such battery but I do have a evic vtwo mini (thanks @hippogriff ) and was wondering if I could use it or do I need to buy the same battery my son is using? I'm very new to mod boxes and oil carts so any advise/comment is welcome. I prefer using a pen battery, they just hit so much better than mods do.

I suppose it depends on what cart you're using, but the ones I get don't have any airflow unless the vape does. Mods generally don't, since the airflow is built into the tank you put on it. You might need to slightly untwist it if the airflow thing is the same in your case. Start at really low wattage like recommended above. for the Vision Spinner II and I use it on the lowest voltage (3.3v). @Cemmos I took your advise and picked up a vision spinner II for 14 bucks and a charger for 4. It looks like its going to be way easier to get started with the spinner. Can't wait for it to charge and be ready for tonight!

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THEN THE SEED BANK WENT FAR AND BEYOND TO SATISFY ME FOR THE OVERALL LOSS OF THE GROW. THEY DO TRY TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS PROBLEM THE BEST WAY THEY POSSIBLY CAN. I NOW HAVE 18 DIFFERENT STRAINS GROWING WITH PLANTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Having done business with Single Seed a half dozen times over the last five years I have always been pleased. Their service is fast and the they follow through on their promise of free seeds with every order. This last batch of seeds were very expensive autoflower seeds and none of them have turned out to be autoflower.

They appear to have been feminized as promised but none of them have flowered automatically which has put a big damper on my summer plans. The seeds were all different strains from multiple breeders and since none are autoflower I must assume the worst.


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