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Been reading about using a food dehydrator to dry bud. Before you poo-poo the idea I have found some folks who have done some comparisons. Drying some bud in a FD for 12 hours and some bud dried by hanging for two weeks. What they found was, after curing both for two weeks there was no noticeable difference in tast and smoke. Doing a test myself since I have a FD for other uses.

One fresh picked bud sitting in there for 12 hours at around 90 degrees F. One thing I did find was the settings on my FD were not even close to reality when measured with a digital thermometer. I had to plug the FD into a auto transformer to adjust the temperature down to 90 degrees. Interested in knowing if others have tried drying this way, I have a dehydrator that I bought for quick drying sample buds etc. it is fit for the purpose of which I bought it, but I wouldn't do your whole harvest with it. the results are like drying flowers in a very warm room with a lot of fan blowing on them; not ideal in my personal opinion. Tired of hanging your weed, burping your jars, and not getting consistent results?

Are you looking for a drying method that’s easy and effective. Want to know how to dry your weed fast and get consistent, impressive results? The solution to your weed drying problems is HerbsNOW, America’s First Cannabis Dryer. Get consistent drying every time, with no loss of terpenes and no loss of aroma, plus have more control over your curing. With a pre-set temperature that is conducive to optimal cannabis drying, you can rest assured your crop will achieve maximum potency without any loss due to mold or poor drying conditions. Over five years of testing went into finding the perfect temperature to get consistent results with drying weed. HerbsNOW uses state of the art technology to ensure you get consistent, high-quality drying every time. The HerbsNOW dryer operates in the ideal pre-set temperature range that is safe for drying your cannabis while retaining all of your terpenes, aroma, flavonoids, and potency. HerbsNOW allows you to achieve perfect drying every time, regardless of your current drying environment. The optimal cannabis drying temperature, along with multi-directional airflow used by HerbsNOW allows for quicker, more efficient drying. Every grower knows there’s a perfect temperature for drying weed. HerbsNOW operates in that Goldilocks zone, providing a quicker, more efficient dry down that gives you consistent, high-quality drying results every time. Drying your weed at too low a temperature, low 70’s and below, will not allow moisture to leave your cannabis at a consistent rate. This puts you at risk for losing your harvest to mold. Drying your weed at too high a temperature, 90’s and above, will result in bud that is overdried, flavorless, and harsh to smoke. The HerbsNOW dryer gives you the perfect environment to dry your weed every time. Using advanced technology, HerbsNOW provides you with a pre-set, ideal temperature that has been tested exclusively for drying cannabis. Multi-directional airflow, along with open-weave trays ensures each bud is dried consistently. This also means you do not need to rotate or touch the buds during the drying process. HerbsNOW provides all of this in a captured environment, meaning you get high-quality, consistent drying in a small, enclosed space. Take back all of the space you’ve needed for hang drying because HerbsNOW only needs one square foot to give you consistent drying every time. Get the high-quality drying results you want, plus save space using the HerbsNOW cannabis dryer. HerbsNOW is America’s first cannabis dryer, made specifically for drying weed. It’s a process that’s been fine-tuned over years by growers who wanted a better solution to drying. The HerbsNOW dryer was created to share this process with other growers, like you, who know that there’s a better way to dry marijuana and get consistent, impressive results every time.

A better way, the HerbsNOW way, results in bud that is perfectly dried every time. All while retaining the terpenes, flavor, and THC content that you’re looking for. Typically it can take a week or more until it’s fully dried. Not to mention, drying marijuana takes up a lot of valuable space. Why not save time, space, and ultimately money when you’re drying your cannabis? HerbsNOW takes up a little over one square foot and can dry at least 6 ounces in that small space. The HerbsNOW dryer provides a controlled drying environment, meaning your weed is perfectly dried in less time than it takes to hang dry. 8 Simple Ways HerbsNOW is Superior for Drying Weed.

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