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Giant blunt in danger!

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The city of Sutherlin is after your giant joints.

In early July, the tiny southern Oregon town of Sutherlin made the rounds on social media when a quirky gift shop, Magic Mushrooms Oregon Gifts, debuted a 27-foot sculpture of a joint to adorn the shop’s roof. The joint is visible from I-5 and blows real smoke from a smoke machine inside the shop. Now, the city of Sutherlin has decided to bring it down for code violations, despite the multiple mushrooms scultures already prominently displayed on the shop’s roof.

In a letter obtained by EW from city of Sutherlin employee Vicki Luther to Magic Mushrooms Oregon Gifts owners Linda and Harry Pinsent, the city notifies the Pinsents that “the type of sign recently placed at the subject location is considered a roof sign,” and “a roof sign is not listed as a permitted sign in the C-3 zoning district [Section 3.7.260] and is not listed as one of the exempt signs.”

The letter goes on, “Therefore, the recent roof sign placed atop the commercial building is not a permitted sign in the C-3 zone of the Development Code and has to be removed from the property within 30 days of the date of this letter [July 21].”

After receiving the letter, Harry Pinsent says he was “not too happy, that’s for sure.” He says he feels the letter “goes against freedom of speech. It’s art, and the city is saying it’s a sign. It’s not a sign, and there’s no wording on it.”

Pinsent says he put the joint on top of his shop to celebrate recreational marijuana legalization on July 1. He says despite having had several other sculptures on top of his building for 15 years, the city has never requested that he remove them.

A petition is circulating online to save the giant joint from removal, because “they are only targeting this one particular sculpture for breaking code … The fact they aren’t enforcing the code on other businesses, or even on the 10-foot tall mushroom sculptures that have topped the Oregon Gifts shop for approximately 15 years, shows that this is an attack based on political views of the council members, and not the code itself.”

The petition currently has 848 supporters, 152 signatures away from its goal of 1,000. Check out the petition here.

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A Man Found Five Pounds of Weed Rolled into a Giant Blunt on Daytona Beach

Jeff Stolowitz spent last Saturday morning strolling along the shore of Daytona Beach, Florida, picking up trash that was probably left behind by frat bros raging their faces off during spring break. But then he came across something strange: a ten-pound package of weed, wrapped in brown paper like a giant blunt, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

After taking a closer look at the mysterious object, he noticed a thin layer of blood coating the end of the 18-inch package.

“That’s when I thought I should back up and not touch anything,” Stolowitz told the Orlando Sentinel. “It was a little scary.”

Rather than try to jack the massive ganja stash, Stolowitz called the local authorities, who came by to check it out. Officials from Volusia County Beach Safety ended up testing the package’s contents—which they determined was only about five pounds of weed without the water weight—and destroyed it.

Volusia County Beach Safety captain Mike Berard told the Sentinel that whoever sent the stash out to sea had likely coated it with blood to try to throw drug-sniffing dogs off its pungent scent. The giant doobie was coated with so many barnacles that Berard and his team estimated that it had been floating around in the ocean for at least two weeks.

“This actually happens more than you think,” Berard told the Sentinel. “Whenever we get these big surfs, all types of stuff washes up on shore.”

After seeing how some spring break revelers have been handling the various things that wash up on shore, it’s probably a good thing that Stolowitz found this sea weed when he did.

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He discovered the stash of weed, wrapped in trash bags and bundled in brown paper, washed up on the shore. ]]>